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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A brand new day

Pile of schoolworks are still waiting for me even though the year-end holiday is just around the corner. We have to complete it during the holiday. Time arrangement is needed! I helped my friend to dissect a grasshopper today. It's quite a big size. It was so active before we anesthesia it. That grasshopper shocked me by jumping in the plastic box when I was looking at it. I just threw the box to my friend. As last time, we need chloroform to anesthesia it. When we put the cotton dipped with chloroform inside the plastic box, the box slightly melted. My friend and I are eager to know why it would melt. Last time, we did put cotton dipped with chloroform to another type of plastic container but the container did not melt. We think of it may be due to the thickness of the plastic container.

It still able to move even though we did put 7 cottons that dipped with chloroform to anesthesia it. How strong!
We had made sure that it not moving any more. Dissection started!
It abdomen was dissected by us. 
It viscera. I helped my friend to take it out.

Next, it is a test about chlorophyll. Easy to do yet difficult to get the result needed by teacher.

Failed test. We repeated the experiment's step for many times.

Classmate are dissecting housefly.
Meet up with a friend that I have been long time didn't meet up. I'm so sleepy and tired that I came back late from school  because of the repeated experiments.
Drink that I ordered. Honeydew juice.
Curry noodles. Look spicy but not.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


We are asked to catch insects like houseflies, cockroach and grasshoppers for our biology practical. Unfortunately, all of the houseflies I caught are dead on the next day. I'm unsuccessfully catch any grasshoppers. While, the cockroach I caught are incomplete. I dissected a cockroach today during the biology period just for an exercise. But, I have to do it again because of the incomplete cockroach. Before dissect the cockroach, we need to dip a cotton wool in chloroform to anesthesia that cockroach. One of the cockroach fly out of the container when I open the cover of the container. Thanks for my classmate who helped me to catch back that cockroach. After anesthesia the cockroach, dissection is carried out. After that, we have to clean the viscus of the cockroach.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Drop by

My family and I went to visit my aunt in Tanjong Sepat, Selangor last Wednesday. It's quite far away from the place we stay. We used about 5 hours plus to reach there. It was evening when we reached there. It was raining almost all the time when we are on the way to there. I was sleeping, eating, photo shooting and watching the raining scenery on the way to there. We took bath before we have our dinner at my aunt's restaurant. Thumb up for the dishes my uncle's cook! I shall share those dishes here in the next post. After finished our dinner, my cousin brought us to the Golden Palm Tree Resorts (Swiss-belhotel International) at Sepang GoldCoast. It is a five star eco-friendly sea villa. We unable to enter there because the visit time have over. I shall come over here next time. 
Picture got from sister. It look like a palm tree. 
On the second day, we went to Pork Dickson beach which located at Negeri Sembilan. Before heading to there, we  have our breakfast at You Qing Kopitiam.

My hot drink.
My breakfast of the day.

I thought of that day wouldn't rain. 
Outfit of the day.
Scenery near a temple we stopped by.

I love this snap :P
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My cousin.
Elder sister and younger sister.
Lovely mum. 
We catch crabs there. Including these little kids.
Biggest crab we found that day.

We stay there for only about half an hour because it start to rain. Such a terrible weather. 

Can't wait for the year-end holiday to come. Elder sister's birthday is coming in another one month. She plans to have her birthday's celebration in Pangkor Island. I'm still thinking of what present should I give to her.