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Friday, 24 May 2013

De Paris Trading

Mom told me that she need a pair of shoes that's not high heels so that she feel more comfortable when walking or shopping for hours. So, I decided to buy a shoes as Mother's Day present for her from an online store, De Paris Trading, but the parcel couldn't arrive on Mother's Day. I didn't tell her about that until after I made my payment in case she will stop me from buying it for her.

So, I received parcel from De Paris Trading three days ago. I'm glad that the shoes I ordered are good in quality as they said and very nice printing on it. I bought two pairs, one for my mom as Mother's Day's present and one for myself since I found shoes I like. I was given a cheaper price for each pair of them as I bought two pairs. All of the shoes they selling are ready stock and they ship directly from Taiwan original store so still have to wait for the parcel to arrive.
It's good for our foot and it help us to stay away from many of the foot diseases. I haven't know is it a true but why don't just get a try? There's many others design for the shoes. You may check it out! And these shoes are unisex so both female and male can wear it. I'm considering to buy a pair for my dad since Father's Day is coming soon.

De Paris Trading do sell many other things like camera, hair curler and clothes. Check their store out if you are interested!

Here's shoes I bought. Bought flower prints for mom while mickey for myself. Mad love of it!

Thanks for reading! XOXO

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Went outing together with my best friend, Janice and two of the good friends of mine, Shin Yi and Shue Yeu. It have been long time that we didn't gather together and have some chit chat. So, we decided to have a meet up at today's night since last week. I'm great that the gathering didn't cancelled at the last minute as this always happened. There's so many things to update to each other and I think 3 hours of gathering is quite short for us. But at least we met up.
After graduated from pre-u, what I hope is we won't lose contact and the friendship bond between us stay strong as last time even though all of us will separate to any part of the world. I appreciate the friendship between us. I'm looking forward to our next friendship-trip.
I'm regret that we didn't take a group photo during gathering as a memory. There's not many photos of us. So, I'm here uploaded the photos that we taken on graduation ceremony last year.

P.S.  Dear Janice,
Good Luck in your study in Malacca!
Bring me walk around in Malacca next time when I heading down to there
Will miss you as always!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Be A Happy Person

Seldom type this type of blog post. I hope you enjoy reading. XOXO

Recently I came across with a website named Successify. It's such a great website that created to help people incorporate the elements of success in their lives according to the information provided in their Facebook page. I read one of the article which titled ''22 Things Happy People Do Differently'' that my Facebook's friend shared. I personally agree the points but I don't hit some of the points. I'm going to share few of it and you can read the full article here if you are interested with it.

Here's are three of the points and an example about it which I faced in my life.

  1. Don't hold grudges. Happy people understand that it's better to forgive and forget than to let their negative feeling crowd out their positive feeling. If you hold a grudge, you are making someone else to reflect your level of hurt especially people who listen to your grudge. I encountered with this kind of people last time and since she's my colleague, I have to listen to her grudge almost everyday. She made me feel so terrible that I wonder why don't she try to think another way and try to accept it. People who face this before would know my feeling.
  2. See problems as challenges. The word "problem" is never part of a happy person's vocabulary. Everyone will encounter problem in their life, there's no life with no problems and obstacles. Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. I encountered a problem two months that I never think I will face it in my life and so it's happened. That problem made me cried a lot, think a lot and nagged a lot. I finally see it as one of my life challenges. I'm telling myself that I can make it and it's just a little obstacle to achieve success in life whenever I faced problems in my current job. Besides, don't turn away when you encountered problems and seek for people's help once you faced problem instead of trying to solve it by yourselves.
  3. Dream big. If you dare to dream big, your mind will put itself in a focused and positive state. I have want to own a boutique cafe. Is it a big dream? For me it's. It's quite hard to achieve but dreams won't work unless you do it. So, work for it!

Monday, 20 May 2013

-Two Sides Buns-

Guess what's on my head?
Tadah! It's two sides hair buns. I'm not dare to tie this hairstyle out for a walk as place I'm living isn't fashionable place, people around may think you are weird or acting cute or what. In fashion country like Japan and Korean, it's called fashion. And even my family said that they don't want to walk together with me if I tied this hairstyle out. So, just tied this hairstyle up at home at take photos.

It super duper easy hairstyle. You can try it too. Recalling back to my primary school memory, I used to tie two sides pony tails to school. My two pony tails sweep people face( those who standing behind me )when I turning my head and I get complaint from them.

Nothing much to talk about this post. So, thanks all for reading! Gotta off to sleep. XOXO

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Stylenanda NY Tee x Peace Sign Legging

Something went wrong with my laptop. It really make me feel fed up with it. WiFi disconnect once I click into my laptop's photo album. WiFi I mean is not my laptop WiFi but WiFi of my house. I don't know why is this happen. My laptop is so pro enough to control the WiFi of my house? Sisters nagging non stop that I keep on making the WiFi disconnecting. I couldn't believe that my laptop caused the WiFi disconnect and I tried to click into my laptop's photo albums few times once the WiFi reconnected. It proved that my laptop caused the WiFi disconnect. But it's fine now by itself and I hope it won't happen again.

So, back to the topic. Here's another outfit post for my outfit on last Saturday which is the day before Mother's Day. Went to have a shop together with mom and lil sis. Love to have a walk together with family after the entire week of working days. Made jelly together with mom after back from shopping and then have our dinner together with grandma and aunts at night as a Mother's Day's celebration dinner.

I get this NY Top from Sisterdream&younique. Bought black and grey. Wanted to buy all three colours which including white but it's sold out! As you seen it's selling fast top. For the material, it surprising me that it's thick! I kinda scared that it's thin material since it's cheaper in price. 
While I get the Peace Sign Legging from I <3 Little Wardrobe. Very soft material of it. Feel comfy when wearing it. Both of it are Facebook online shop, you may search their pages on Facebook. They have shop too at Malacca and Johor respectively.

Bye bye readers! XOXO

NY Top from Sisterdream&younique
Peace Sign Legging from I <3 Little Wardrobe

Monday, 6 May 2013

Smart Casual

Hello there lovely readers! Yesterday, I have few plans in mind but cancelled due to some reasons, so I'm here with another outfit post. Outfit inspired from Lookbook. I decided to wear this black chiffon blazer that I got from a random fashion store in Ipoh. I love it so much, it's so comfy and soft. Paired it up with a plain green sleeveless top and my leather skater skirt and it's basically a smart casual outfit and I'm obsessed with this style recently. I hope you enjoy the rest of this post!

Black Chiffon Blazer from random fashion store
Green Sleeveless Top from random fashion store
Leather Skater Skirt from

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Just random update

Happy Labour Day everyone! Woke up early as usual but earlier for today just to pee as I drank too much of water before I went for sleep. Followed mom to morning market and helped mom in housework. I have been wasted my morning time just to sit in front of the computer and keep log in and log out my Facebook account and keep refresh my homepage to view others' most recent update.

I have some plans for today. But these all don't go smooth as I think. A little bit upset about that. I think everyone who have encountered this problem would know the feeling right? Anyway, looking forward to the another day to make the plan out! or may be the afternoon time.