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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Penang Butterfly Farm-part 1

Yesterday my family and I visit to Penang Butterfly Farm in Malaysia. I slept at 2.00 a.m. and woke up at 5.30 a.m. How sleepy am I and I forced myself to woke up. We started our journey at about 7.30 a.m. The way to the farm is like a long snake. On the way, we have our 'car picnic'. Lol. We ate snack foods that we bought the day before the trip. I took over hundred photos that day. There is a lot of travelers from oversea country came over here.

My elder sister and younger sister. Before leaving our house. 

On Penang Bridge. 

We have our dinner before visit to Penang Butterfly Farm.

Before enter the farm.
Little smart kid(my aunt's son).
Little cute kid (my aunt's daughter)and my elder sister.
Rajah Brooke'd Birdwing

There is a lot of scorpions.

A lot of butterflies on the butterfly-shaped-flowers. 

My elder sister
My lovely mum

My mum and my grandma. 

The clipper. (Parthenos sylvia)

New Lacewing (Cethosia cyane)

I'm not sure what country she come from. She is so adorable. 

Sunday, 28 August 2011


25.8.2011  Accompany sister to buy her boyfriend birthday's present.

26.8.2011 I'm ready to attend friend's birthday party. It was a buffet party. 
Parachute. I wish I have the chance to try this. It will be a great experience.
The books and the newspaper are piling up. I have arranged it orderly. 
The withered leaf.  
Balcony of my house. It is big but empty.
It is going to rain again. 

Play The 7 Links Challenge

I was tagged by one of my follower, A Single Girl's Musings. She has a great blog. She share her life and experience on her blog. Do check out her blog. : D

Here is my 7 links :
1. The Most Beautiful Post : Mr.Frog Porridge
I spend my dinner time together with my family. It is the most beautiful and the happy moment. I <3 my family.

2. The Most Popular Post : Floral maxi dress
It is the most view post and mostly commented on. : )
3. The Most Controversial Post : 练车记
This post is in Chinese language about the time I have my car training lesson. I'm quite angry that time.

4. The most helpful post : Miss U Cafe
I did help to promote the cafe? HaHa. I don't think so. : P
5. A Post That Was Surprisingly Successful : Floral maxi dress
I never think that this simple post will attract so many bloggers to view it and comment on it. Thanks : )
6. A Post That  Did Not Get The Attention : Random Post

7. A Post I Am Most Proud Of : Happiness

Thursday, 25 August 2011

One Lovely Blog Award


My blog is nominated by It's a Girl Thing and Rapuncela. Thank you so much to give me the award. I'm surprised that I got this award from both of you. <3 

Name your favourite colour : Blue
Name your favourite songs : Firefly will be my favourite song for now. : )
What pissed you of : When people ignore me.
When you are upset : I will cry and hug my mum. 
Your favourite pet : Dog
Your biggest fear : Fear of nothing? 
Your best feature : My smile ? 
Everyday attitude : Usually I smile and laugh loudly.
What is perfection : No one is perfect in this world in my opinion. 
Guilty pleasure : Shopping and travelling.

Here is 7 random things about me :

1. I haven't dyed and straighten my hair before. The last time of make up is when my kindergarten  performance. 
2. I'm out of soul sometime.
3. I desirously want to go travel across the country.
4. Phobia of lizards including the lizard's baby. 
5. I'm active sometime and I'm inactive sometime. It's all depend on my mood. I can't be alone at times, yet I can be anti-social. 
6. I'm easily panic person. (panicky)
7. I love photography.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Miss U Cafe

Hang out with my dear friends today's evening till night. We had our dinner at Miss U Cafe and we went for a walk too. Thumb up for the food there! Yummy! <3

I just woke up from sleep. Going to fetch my friend. 

She refuse to take photo when she is eating. Hmm.. she ordered Sago. I  forgot what is the flavour. Sorry.

The menu. :)

My dinner tonight! Nestum Vanilla for the drink and Spicy Seafood Tomyam Pasta for the food. Really yummy! Feel like wanna have a cup of Vanilla Nestum now. 

Forgot the food name. : X