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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Step up to the nature

It was a sunny Sunday. My uncle and aunt called and asked us whether we want to join them to have a visit to Pusat Pengurusan Penyu Segari, Perak.(Segari Turtle Hatchery, Perak.) As we all haven't been there, so we decided to join them.
From left: my cousin, elder sister, brother, little sister
Two little cousin
It showed me it nose. Lol. You are photogenic, turtle.
Naughty sister knocking it's back. It floating on the water for quite sometime. It's back has dry out.
Elder and younger sister. They wearing B.U.M Equipment sneakers.

Oops. Sorry if my big head shocked you.
Beautiful turtle.
The sign show, no visit is allowed without permission. : (  I want see turtle's eggs so badly!
I love this photo so much! <3 
All of the kids and teens.
They are photogenic. : )
Here is the beach beside the hatchery. 
Brother is so caring.
I love the beach there! : ) The weather is so hot and sunny that day! 
My skin is slightly tanned because of the sun. : (

I'm leaving to Selangor, Malaysia tomorrow. I will absent for school on Thursday. I haven't pack my luggage. See you. : )

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Get back to here

It's almost one month that I didn't blog. Sorry about that. So, year end exam is finally over. Some of the exam paper have been passed back to us. I didn't get a good result. It's really disappointed myself. I have decided to do revision during the coming one month and the half. If not I gonna suffer in the Upper Six(I'm in Lower Six this year). 
Yesterday, sister, brother and I went to Marina Island for walk. It have been long time that I didn't go there. It's still the same, just there is more food stalls than last time. 

On our way to Marina Island. 
There will be a lot of people during the weekend.
My bother and sister.
Brother and I. 

Do you notice that there is a beautiful rainbow? 

Not sure what's that. It did pee. Lol. 
Thanks to the guy who indirectly be my model. Lol. What do you think about this photo?
I used scenery mode in my camera. I'm quite like the effect of the mode.

Just ignore my messy hair. The wind blow quite strongly that time.
There is a photo shoot for the bride and the bridegroom. It's romantic that taking picture at sunset.

We rented bicycle to cycle around. 

Hate that malfunctioning brakes' bicycle. 

It's raining outside. Yet we are still cycling.
The climate constantly changing. It's raining pitchforks when we are home. It was a cold night. 

Have a great weekend. : )