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Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Hello! How was your days? Recently, I'm busy with my study as year end exam is around the corner. It just in another 3 weeks more. I'm still not well prepare myself to face the exam.

Love you <3  : D

Vitamin C tablet. I'm lazy to eat this even though it is not bitter. Mummy asked me to have it.
Colourful pen I'm using. 8 in 1 if not mistaken. The colourless book has became colourful.  : )

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sunny day

I have been long time don't exercise. Last Sunday, I went jogging and play badminton. I'm totally exhausted after exercise. I did compete with my younger sister when we are jogging. I thought of I could run faster than her but I lose. Lol. She run so fast and I keep on asking her to wait for me. She asked me why am I run so slow? Ain't I run fast? Ugh, old lady I am. I shall exercise more. Healthy lifestyle is important.

Our badminton rackets.

The badminton court. Elder sister is playing badminton.

The field.

Blue sky of the day. 

My younger sister. 

B.U.M. equipment sneaker I'm wearing.

Is she dancing? 

Jumping into the sky.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


 I went for a fast food dinner together with my family last Friday. It's a late dinner that can consider as a supper. 

Here is my dinner.  Ole!Pocketful.
My naughty cousin.

Me, younger sis and elder sis. Three of us have the same dinner.
Cute baby cousin.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Fun tag!

I have been tagged by a cute girl, Grace

1. Favourite sports?
Answer: I don't really like sport. But I do jogging and playing badminton once in a blue moon. : )

2. A good name for a dog?
Answer: Hamster? Weird, right?  It's one of my dog's name. :D

3. Favourite animal?
Answer: Rabbits. It is so adorable! <3

4. Favourite subject in school?
Answer: Biology.

5. Favourite drink?
Answer: Fruit juice and Vitagen.

6. Last song you heard?
Answer: An English language song. Forget what's the name of the song. I heard it when I was driving.

7. Do you like making people laugh?
Answer: Yes I am! I do like to do and speak something funny to my friends and family. Like their laughing sounds.

8. Favourite colour?
Answer: Blue colour.

9. Favourite hobby?
Answer: Eating?

10. School grade you are in?
Answer: Lower six. (STPM)

11. Last movie you saw at theaters?
Answer: Spy Kids. Funny and interesting movie. I still remember that I laughed a lot when watching the movie.

12. Favourite season?
Answer: There is no four seasons in my country. The weather here is hot yet sometime cold.

13. Favourite pair of shoes?
Answer: Comfy shoes.

14. Favourite fruits?
Answer: Grapes

15. What are you excited about?
Answer: Shopping! Girl always like shopping.

16. Last thing you were sick with?
Answer: I have flu that time.

17. Last thing you bought?
Answer: Clothes.

18. Farthest you've been away from home?
Answer: Malacca, Malaysia.

19. Last name you said?
Answer: Lina. (my sister's name)

20. Least favourite food?
Answer: Pork. Smell terrible.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Mid-Autumn Festival

Yesterday was Mid-Autumn Festival and my family and I have a small celebration at our home's balcony. Windy day yesterday was. Those lanterns and candles are quite difficult to light up. Once it light up, it extinguished again.

The first candle I lighted up.
The wing blow again. One of the candles has extinguished.

The lanterns seem like floating in the air.
The lantern made of thin paper.
The moon cakes.

Excuse for my messy hair. 
The wind blow again. Those candles are almost put out.
Emergency rescue for the candles failed! The candles put out.

Younger sister.
Elder sister.

Wing blow up our candles.

Finally, we successfully light up all the candles. 
Candle drop on my hand.
Does it look like a moon? 

She is crazy around. Lol!

Beloved mummy.
Moon of the night. 

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Pasir Panjang Mid-Autumn Festival

Tomorrow will be the Mid-Autumn Festival. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I went to Pasir Panjang Temple Mid-Autumn Festival celebration yesterday's night. It was a great celebration and crowded with people.

We reached there quite early.
The sea opposite the Pasir Panjang. Ebb tide. 
The wing blow quite strongly that time. 
Missed the sunset time. The sun is just "hide" itself.
There is a lot of imposing statues.

Shop that sell food and drinks. 

The golf cart with decoration. 

Here is some of the pictures for the DIY tanglung competition held yesterday.

Statues all the way.

A lot of fish! Beautiful!

Statue :An old man is fishing.

DIY tanglung using physic principle.

Taking tanglung and walk around. The distance distance is quite long.