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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Online shopping

Do you like online shopping? I learned online shopping through Facebook as there is a lot of pages that selling clothes and accessories. I do like to online shopping since last year.  Now, I used to search those pages that selling clothes and accessories when I sign in my Facebook account. Before I did the first online shopping, I don't really 100% believe about the seller and the quality of the clothes. After I made my first purchase, I started to believe it and I did quite many times of online shopping.  As I live in town and there is less choices of clothes. It's convenience that I can purchase clothes or accessories that I want from these Facebook's pages. I do like to compare the prices of the clothes and accessories that I would like to buy. As there is seller that sell higher price than the others for the same thing.
Today, I received the clothes that I bought from HeartNSoul. I like the clothes that selling at there. Here is the clothes that I bought from there. 
101 dalmation Tee.
Pirates of caribbean cardigan.
Tarzan&Jane zebra tee

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Schooling Day 1

I woke up so early today. Why am I? It was a first schooling day after one and the half month school holiday. I don't want be late. So, the night before schooling day, I set my phone alarm to wake me up. I'm still afraid of I can't hear the alarm ringing. Fortunately I did! After done preparing myself, I drove to school. The sky is still dark that time. I reached the school so early yet there is still have students those even early than me. The school is pitch black. Just remain the streetlamps lighten the gloomy school compound. I wonder why they don't want to switch on the light.

There is some project works (25 types of plants, 25 types of insects, proposal, report) that we need to pass up on today. So, I have to bring those projects back to my class. I walked up and down the stairs to the parking lot  to carry these project works, books and school bags. There is one time that I walked to the parking lot and just I realised that I leave my car key on my table. Why am I so forgetful? I walked up and down to the parking lot for eight times. Omg. I'm really tired.

We have an assembly today. After assembly, all the students are asked to stay in the school hall for spot check! What?! Spot check? Students in the hall started to discuss about it. So am I with my friend as both of didn't cut our fingernails. I purposely do it though. So, We are given a nail clippers and asked to cut it on the spot. Am reluctant to do so but I have to : ( .  Am actually curious about why there is a school law that students are not allowed to keep the fingernails long. : /