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Monday, 19 March 2012


Love the sneakers I'm wearing.
It's my first time to keep long fringe. I'm still wondering should I cut it off.  

  1. I meet a new friend during the school holiday. He is my brother's friend. He followed a trip that came over my hometown together with his other's friend. Even though I just meet him for few times in the trip but he's like my old friend. We chat a lot through Facebook and phone after he went back. I'm glad that I have a new good friend like him.
  2. Schooling day start again today and I have my Math test. I did a big mistake(for me) and it made me  loss for 4 marks. The full marks for the test to 10 marks between. It's kinda make me sad. Anyway, I tried my best in the test. 
  3. Teacher gave us back the MUET test paper. I'm glad that I got the highest mark in the class and I'm really surprised with the marks I got. 

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Random # 2

Outfit for the barbecue night. It was the first time to put out the fire for barbecue by our own with my sister and a brunch of new friends. It's not a bed of roses. It was windy night. Wind blew the fire we put on and we have to try out again and again. When we are about to give up, we put out the fire successfully. 
Mission complete. I saw a photo that cut the nail unevenly. I accepted the challenge and I have completed by today. It's easy as it just need patience. The pattern of the middle finger nail failed. But it look good in the ring finger, right?
Chocolate snowy I have as my dessert for my meal today together with my sister and brother. 
I have forgot what's the name of this meal. The most important thing is it taste yummy and I love it. 
My sister set her phone screen lock by draw pattern to unlock screen. I drew 5 patterns on the screen and I unable to access. The phone showed 'wait 30 seconds to try again'. I was like "what"? My sister laughed at me. 

Friday, 9 March 2012


Credit to sis who take these photos. I didn't realised she capture the photos of mine until she showed these to me. 
Rubbish embedded in the swamp. 
Fattal effect in PicsArt
It was sunny yet windy day. My skin is darkened after back from there. 

Picture taken using phone and edited using PicsArt application. Personally love this application as it provide lots of effects and collage for us to choose. 

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Polka dots with burgundy dress

Polka dots chiffon top is love.  <3
Outfit of the day : Polka dots chiffon top
                                Burgundy colour dress
                                       Vivi style socks and shoes

Added in some new clothes into my wardrobe recently. It's messy now and a bigger wardrobe is needed. Girl always think that the are lack of clothes. Do you agree? I have the thinking. I'm addicted of buying clothes online yet I can't buy to much. I'm still a student that without salary. Only pocket money that given by parents. I won't ask more from them. I knew that earning money is hard as I did part time job last time when school holiday.