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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Floral Printed Jumper

It was 15th of March's outfit. Since it's now spring, so floral item is must in our wardrobe! I bought the floral printed jumper from El wardrobe that I recommend in the previous post. Actually I wanted this kind of floral jumper last year but I couldn't found it in a cheaper price or ready stock. So, I found it and of course have to take action and buy it. Personally think that this floral jumper is easily matching. It doesn't need my complicated top to match. Just a simple matchable top will do.

Floral printed jumper from El wardrobe
Fake denim Top from random store in KL

Friday, 15 March 2013

Review: El wardrobe

I decided to show you this store, El wardrobe on Facebook.
This store has exactly the concept: affordable and clothes in trends! This two concept attracted me to continue purchase items from the online shop. El wardrobe's items are always in great demand! Once the owner upload the items, those items have been grab by the customer. So, be fast!
El wardrobe sells ready stock's clothes and accessories. If you are interested in seeing more from the store click here to see more and stay tuned for their next batch's items.
Here's few items I bought from El wardrobe.

Top from El wardrobe X Leather Shorts from

Camouflage top from El wardrobe X Leather Shorts from

Floral Printed Jumper from El wardrobe X Fake Denim Top from random store.

More review coming soon. Stay tuned! <3

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Johnny's Restaurants

Finally I get to try something new! I have been long time didn't out for lunch or dinner outside together with family on Saturday after started my working life. So, last Saturday I changed my dinner time with my colleague to have dinner together with my family. Luckily she willing to change with me. My dinner time supposed at 1730 and I switched to 1830 as 1730 is too early for my family to have dinner. They need to have supper if they have their dinner so early. Usually we don't have our supper but sometime my sisters do.
That day we have our dinner at Johnny's Restaurants. May be you would think that we have steamboat there but no. We didn't have steamboat there. We gotta try to have steamboat there one day! So, that day we ordered Thai rice for our dinner. 
Lil sis, Baby Lina
Yours truly 
Sis Evonne
With mom. Dad didn't follow us to have dinner here as he's still working and he seldom follow us : /

Drinks we ordered. Passion Fruit Juice and Lemon Lime Juice. I forgot to take picture for my mom's drink. Mom ordered Chocolate Milk Shake and it taste good! Wanna try out their Yam Milk Shake next time.
Teriyaki Chicken Rice that mom ordered.
Prawn Fried Rice that me and baby Lina ordered. While sis Evonne didn't order any as she having stomachache that time.
I feel frustrated with my side hair. It never grow longer!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Basic x Unique Bodycon Skirt x Skull Purse

Basic Sleeveless Top X Bodycon Skirt X Skull Purse

Blogged this post times ago actually, just I didn't post it out I don't know why. I posted few of these photos in my Instagram.I love the skirt I'm wearing so much that I bought from Sungai Wang last time I went down to KL. Personally think that it's unique! Pair it up with the basic sleeveless top definitely highlight the unique of the skirt.
Currently am planning to go down to KL for another shopping time together with sisters. I bet it can be successful and hope I can get few days off from work.

Basic Sleeveless Top from Sungai Wang
Bodycon Skirt from Sungai Wang
Skull Purse from