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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Last day of July

I really can't believe that the new month is coming and July is going to the end. Feel like yesterday was just 15th of July. Time pass super fast! Time is sitting on the rocket? Lol. I'm still sitting in front of the computer and non-stop reading and typing. Curious about what I'm reading and typing? I'm reading blogs, typing comments and reading Facebook posts.

Here come some reviews for July :
1. A lot of assessments in this month and my chemistry result is the worst among the others. I need to do to a lot of exercises and revisions to improve it. Wish me luck. :)
2. Pimples keep on pop out on my face. I'm thinking of whether is the facial cleanser and others facial skincare not suitable for me anymore or it is due to the weather changes. The weather is cold when it is raining and the weather is hot when it is sunny. 
3. Planning of buying new camera which is Panasonic Lumix GF-2. I searched the web for more information about the camera. I found some weaknesses of the camera-no image stabilization and low camera's sensors etc. I'm still considering to accept it weaknesses or not to. Anyone do kindly give me suggestion what camera should I buy?
4. Always fall a sleep in the class. I should change! It is such a bad thing for me. My classmates even ask me why am I always sleep in the class. I really don't know. I'm not a sleeping beauty though. Lol. But I think it is because I usually online till midnight or burn midnight oil studying. 

Picture taken on 22.07.2011

Saturday, 30 July 2011

End of July

Yesterday was my friend's birthday today. Yet, she is now studying at Perlis. So, I can't celebrate with her. At the beginning, I planned to make a video for her. But, because of busyness, I don't have enough of time to make the video. After that, my mind pop out with an idea of sing a birthday song for her. I sang the English and Chinese languages for her. I recorded it using phone recorder and then sent to her. She is touched by my surprise. She said she going to cry out. Yes! I succeed! LOL *happy* . She thought of I forgot her birthday.
I have been  > than 2 months didn't meet up with her. I still remember that our last outing was on 20th of May. Miss her so much. T.T Anyway, her holiday is coming soon too. Gotta plan for our outing.

Happy Birthday, Chui San. : )

Singing ? Nope : ) . I'm pattern-ing  : P

Friday, 29 July 2011

Untitled post

Feel so tiring these few days. Brain is totally exhausted. 

Monday, 25 July 2011


I shut down my laptop at about 12.00 midnight to go to bed. I fell down when I'm going upstairs to sleep. fml. I don't know why I fell down. I'm shocked that I fell down suddenly. Yet I'm still laughing while running toward mummy who sit in the living room. LMAO. How come I still can laugh? Now I'm still thinking of whether I had gone mad or what. Both of my sis laughing at me too. Within 2 minutes, wind blow strongly outside and I could hear something patter onto the awning of my house. Oops. It's raining cats and dogs outside. I'm thinking of why rain come suddenly. God crying for I fell down? Lolz.

You can just ignore me if you want to. Simply gone mad recently. LOL

Friday, 22 July 2011

two two/7

I didn't have any tuition and school activity today. Yes! Finally I could go back home earlier today. Yet I reached home at about 1.00. Omg. A small traffic jam in the school. 

Imma rock my coming soon holiday ;)

I went to Tesco together with mum and lil sis. There is a outlet that sell cameras. I asked the seller about the price of Panasonic Lumix-GF2. He said it is about RM 2000. And that camera is gonna stop sale in the market because the Lumix GF3 is in the market now. I don't like GF 3. Anyway, I gonna get it soon. : )
Air Guitar?Lolz

Emo? Nope. : )  
Goodbye~ : E   : D

Thursday, 21 July 2011

twenty-one of July

Mentos Chewy Dragees- 2 in 1  Raspberry and Lemon flavour.
 I brought it to school today and I stealthily ate it while teachers teaching in front. Lolz. To help me stay awake. ; ) Yet, I slept in the class today when teacher not in the class. Don't really know why teacher absent. I'm nicknamed piggy by friends because of sleeping. Yea, I like to sleep. I seize the chances to sleep whenever there is time. Lolz. Sleep more can grow taller. People told me. I wish to grow taller. 162cm is really short for me.

Seem like advertise for Mentos. : X  

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

two zero/seven

I found eraser with expression : E

I'm not going to use the eraser. Can I collect it one by one? Wasting money? 
There is 4 assessments on next week. 2 of the assessments supposed be done by this week but it have postpone to next week. Schedule next week seem like overflow.


Monday, 18 July 2011


What a troublesome day ?!  Anyway, it's life. Good luck for tomorrow and tomorrow. 

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Recording video? Nope. But i gonna make a video for my lovely friend. : )
Tons of schoolworks I haven't do.  I'm thinking of holiday that coming in another 5 weeks time. I bet it won't be a boring holiday.

Gonna make a time table for myself. My management of time still bad. 

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Random Post

Start everyday with a smile : )
Let's learn some Chinese words today : P .

@Rocks. It is pronounce as "shi tou" (石头)in Mandarin. 

@Scissors. It is pronounce as "jian dao"(剪刀).

@Papers. It is pronounce as "zhi"(纸).

Missing you, thinking of you ; )

All pictures taken using webcam. Bye guy, thanks for your reading. : )

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Girls always care of their skin. Including me : )
My dark circles&under-eye bags is so obvious now-a-day. Pimples pop out on my face. Hope it pop off and won't come out again.
My friend and I talked about the skin today. Both of us are so admire those who have fair and baby skin. Both of us have a tanned skin. Moreover, we don't expose ourselves to much to the sun. She heard people said soak in milk bath can help to whitening the skin. 

Monday, 11 July 2011


Mum : Finally you talk !
Me : HaHa. Yeah~ Finally.
(I didn't smile,laugh and talk since I woke up from bed till evening. But I did after that.) 

I started feel depressed once I woke up in the bed. I don't really want to smile, laugh and even talk. (I will nod and shake my head to answer some of the questions). I want to talk but spirit don't want to? Don't know why once I feel depressed I will become like that. Do forgive me. Eldest sis said that she not dare to talk with me. Do talk with me even though I didn't say any word. : ). Lol. Am I that frightening once I don't smile, laugh and talk? Just look solemn I think. 
It's all because of the Chemistry assessment 2 on Tuesday yet I'm still haven't finish one of the four chapters. I don't have the mood of study. I have a lot of parts that I don't understand. I can't disturb my friends by keep on asking them about that. They need study too.
Can I finish 86 pages of chemistry within not more 24 hours? (I counted the pages. Lol) I bet I can't. I'm not that pro. I used a lot of time to understand. 

Friday, 8 July 2011


Finally!! Finally elder sis cook the spaghetti. It's my dinner tonight. I ate it right after back from tuition and fetching my lil sis.
Not nice to see but nice to eat
Today was the 4th chemistry practical yet I'm still did it badly. I forgot part of the procedure. What the hell. My brain memory card is low in GB. Some of us get scolded by teacher for took the filter paper that is not use in the practical. By the way, it was the first time I saw my teacher being so angry and so fierce. I was shocked. I'm so panic and stress while doing the practical until my hand was a lil bit shaking. Fortunately, I didn't shake away my apparatus. Lol.

Shinyi's pencil case. Look at the centre one. 请勿触摸mean don't touch it. Lol. Chuihoon put the pencil case down right after she saw this. HaHa. 

: D . Lolz

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Anti-practical ?

Omg. Chemistry practical (experiment) again on Friday. Friday suppose to be our holiday but it changed to next Monday. *sigh* I'm phobia of doing chemistry practical. I scared of I will break the apparatus in the lab. (Zero marks for the practical if break one of the apparatus.) I scared of I will fail the practical. Teacher will check the results of our experiment and teacher always said "do it again" to me after checking. Teacher will deduct the practical marks if we did the practical using the wrong technique. I scared of doing practical report.

Biology teacher gave back our assessment paper. Should I happy with my result? I got only 26.5/42 marks even though the result is far far better than the first assessment's result.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Hello everyone. : )

Chemistry proposal is killing me. I need to search, think, type and print.
No worry. I'm still able to handle it.

Relax, Take it easy : )

I'm so happy that teacher announce that this coming Friday is school holiday. I gonna sleep for 12 hours on that day. : )


I watched Transformers 3 Dark of The Moon last night with eldest sis and Josh (sis' friend). The movie started at 9.00p.m and ended at 11.30p.m. It almost midnight. It was my first time watch movie till so late. I didn't really concentrated with the movie because I feel sleepy and it is so cold in the cinema. I'm regret that I didn't have my nap at the noon. I can be said wasted the ticket. RM11.00 per ticket. By the way, I didn't finish my schoolworks before I went for the movie. Oh God, schoolworks gonna kill me again and again.
It was almost full house even though it was not a weekend. Transformers 3 really has a high fascination. So, we have to buy tickets which are in the third row from the front. 

Monday, 4 July 2011

The day before 04072011

Yesterday I ate my dinner before I went for shopping while my elder sis didn't ate her dinner. At the end, my lil sis and I have to accompany her to KFC in Giant to have her dinner while my mum and aunt were shopping.

Sis's dinner.
She ordered Snack Box for us. Omg. Have to eat again.
Eldest sis like Mini Cooper very much. She just collected 2 among 5.
She bought the Mini Cooper with RM8.00.
Lil sis <3
After that, we have a shop in Giant. I bought 3 LD tank top. It is only RM39.00. There is multiple of colours. But I did bought pink, green and orange colour. I'm regret that I didn't buy black and white colours. May be I will buy it later. I gonna scolded by mum for keep on buying clothes.

In the fitting room.
Omg. I eat till fat tummy come out ready. : (  M size of the tank top doesn't fix me.  
I'm Irise user. : )  I'm using the brand's facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer,  facial scrub and the hydrating mask.