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Thursday, 30 June 2011


Can you spot my panda eye and the under-eye bags? It is so obvious. Hate it. I did my revision until 1.00a.m. today and woke up at 6.00a.m.. O.M.G. 5 hours of sleeping time.
About the assessment again-I'm so happy that I could do most of the questions and mostly are the correct answers I bet. : P . After the assessment, I told my friend that 5 hours sleeping time already made me become like a panda. If I really become a doctor and I work for 3 days without sleeping, what I will look like? She said I will like a ghost. Lol. Haven't treat the patient and the patient already frighten by me. I had a lot of chit chat with friends today even the teachers are teaching. : P . A happy school day today was.

Rock my life : D

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are gray~~ : )

Suddenly think of this song. Nice song it is. Listen to this song since I was young.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Ugh. I can't attend the mini concert that hold at my school today's night because I can't finish my revision before the concert start. I have try to complete the revision after school and even during the tuition time. The concert started at 8.00p.m..

Anyway, wish me luck for tomorrow biology assessment 2. : ) Try my best to get a good result.

Stay Happy Everyday : D . Bye.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Actually I just woke up from nap. I should woke up at 4.30p.m. to complete my schoolworks and then start my revision again. But I could not wake up at time even though I heard the alarm clock ringing. Ugh. 

Biology note I did for myself. Easy for me to look through before the assessment start. It can help me to get a better result I think.

 Short of time. Sorry. A very very short update today. Bye. : )

Monday, 27 June 2011

Family's love ?

I drive car to school everyday after the 2 weeks holiday over. There is one rule that I need to obey is send a message to mum when I reached school or I late for home. Mum is still not relieve that I drive car to school or anywhere. Today's morning, I didn't send a message to mum because phone credit expired and I didn't bring phone to school. I late for home today because I need to finish my Chemistry practical report and pass out to teacher. Mum keep on waiting for me to come back home. My eldest sis who didn't know I didn't bring phone to school called me and sent a message to me, ask me where I am. They scared of something happened to me. Sorry that I late for home.

That's family's love ? Yup. I think so. : )

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sports Day

It is my first time I woke up early on Sunday. I prepared to attend my primary school's sports day (Chung Cheng). I went together with my sis who is the teacher of the school. She have to work on the sports day. I went there to take pictures and have fun with those students and teachers. I met teachers who taught me when I study at the school. I'm happy that one of them still remember me. Lol. I have been leave school for 5 years.
Here is a lot of photos. Do patiently have a look. : P

The marching band of Chung Cheng school
Boy scouts
Girl Guide
School Youth Cadet
Green Team
Yellow Team
Red Team
Blue Team
That teacher's cap look special. With eye and tooth.
Delegate to make a vow
Boy scouts who help on the sports day
High jump
Nice pose : )

The Malaysia flag & The state's flag
The lil girl who wearing red shorts is my cousin. She got the 3rd prize in the competition. Congratulation. : D
The participants. 
One of the competitions.

He took part in many competition on the sports day.
The invitation competition between schools.
He run really fast. 

I'm having sore throat now after ate the chicken nugget I bought from the stall beside the road. Haiz. 

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Happy Birthday Shin Yi

Ugh... I want to upload some photos in my camera. But don't know since when my camera's memory card contain virus. So, I unable to upload photos via camera's USB. I have to take the photos one by one using mobile phone and then upload to here ( Photos quality not good, sorry). Luckily some of the photos I took using phone. ( Photos look better : ) )
I'm blogging about the birthday's celebration I attended yesterday. : )Today is my friend, Shin Yi's birthday but we celebrate her birthday yesterday.
School end at about 1.00 p.m yesterday and I reached home at 1.15p.m. . I quickly rush to buy a present for Shin Yi. I bought a red angry bird for her. Hope she will like it. After that, I went home to have a bath then went to fetch my friends, Siew Yen, Suk Chyi & Xue Yu. Four of us together went to a bakeshop to buy a birthday cake. We went to Hei Huang Tornado Cafe to celebrate her birthday.

I like the bicycle. : )
Hei Huang's surrounding.

The birthday girl, Shin Yi : )

8 of us attended her birthday party : )

Lighting up the candles

Singing birthday's song for her : )
Cutting the cake

We gave her the biggest piece of cake. : D

European Blended Chocolate I ordered
Curry Q Mee : )
Cute fish ball piece found in the porridge ordered by Jeanne
The cute girl, Jeanne : )
After celebration, six of us including the birthday girl rush to the tuition which start at 4.30p.m.. : )