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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Denim on Denim

Denim on denim for yesterday. Outfit inspired from Stylenanda-a korean fashion website that I really love. Found one long jeans for myself finally. It's really hard for me to find. Bought this long jeans from HISTYLE last week. I look short in long pants, my opinion. I'm envy those who look tall in long pants.

Went for a shop together with Evonne and her friend, Emily and accompanied Emily to have her meal at Johnny's Restaurant as she haven't eat her meal. I'm so happy that I met my best friend, Janice at there. I haven't been seeing her for so long time and I was crazily ran toward her after she waved her hand to me. Chat with her for a while. I got a lots of things wanted to tell and a lots of things wanted to know. Anyway, gotta meet her and others after this. I'm looking forward to it!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Nature Love

Entry to RAHMAT Maritime Museum.
It's public holiday today. Woke up without alarm clock as usual, as usually either mom or call me up from my bed. Went breakfast together with sisters and her boyfie. We planned to go Lumut to have our breakfast on a ship. Sister's bf heard others said there's a ship which you can have your breakfast there. So since we didn't went there before, we decided to go for a try. Who knows, there's no this place but there's a ship which is known as RAHMAT Maritime Museum. We didn't visit to the museum as our aim is to have breakfast. End up we have our breakfast at mamak stall. 

Went to a garden known as The Garden by a road after we have our car wash. I even met my high school's teacher there. She couldn't recognize me as I'm wearing my shades that time. I failed subject she taught me in the exam. I feel shame to say hi to her. 
Beautiful waterfront at the entry.
Nice decoration for the garden.
Love this green surrounding. 

Beautiful flowers!

It look like a lizard's tail.

Super duper cute!

Outfit of the day. The weather is so hot these few days! Feel so fresh after tie my hair up into a Korean hair bun.

House with a garden is really mad love. And I really appreciate I have.

How special!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Day Off

Throwback two weeks ago was my first week of starting new job. It's much more hectic than the previous job but working hours is shorter. After changed my job, I have time outing together with my family. In the previous three months, I used to envy with others who get to out with their family or friends on weekend but I couldn't. Now, I don't need. On 7th April, 2013, sis Evonne's bf brought us to have dim sum as our breakfast. Went back home to think where to go for the next. We decided to go for a walk at Marina Island. Since it was noon, not many people were there. There's more in the evening. It's quite hot but windy that day. Nothing much changes but there's more activities can be done in the evening like horse riding. Wish to go for a try when there's chance.
Dim sum for that day.

Casual outfit for that day with Flipper on.

Candid shot of the couple.

First branded shades in my life. Love it so much. Spent few hundred to buy when it having 50% discount.