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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Behind the lens

When I take pictures, what takes my breath away are those beautiful landscape, the amazing sunset view, the attractive blue sky and even a close-up of a butterfly is full of beauty.
Margaret Hungerford said, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
All of the story embedded in photos, see through it and memory recalled. 
Dress from Sungei Wang's boutique
Shoes from
Camera from cupboard (old 35mm film camera)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Car's Cafe & Grill House

Mom have to cook for the family everyday except Saturday because her three daughters don't really know cooking. Especially me, mom 2nd daughter who knows only cooking rice and instant noodles. It's kinda shame to speak out. : / Every Saturday is mom resting day(means that mom don't need to cook but we eat outside food). So, on Thursday mom asked us where to eat on Saturday's night. So, me the one who love to try on new food instead of old food told mom to go to The Car's Cafe & Grill House to have our dinner since sis Evonne said the food there is nice. But sometime I do eat old food on Saturday(Old food I mean eat again after tried before because I miss the taste of the food). Finally it's Saturday!(giggle). We have our early dinner today as we have a date to go for grocery shopping together with our aunt. 
This photo I took before we go back, but since it's the look of the cafe. I upload it first. : )
Again, it's photo taken before we leave the cafe. The first cafe with interesting surrounding in Sitiawan. The broken-into-half car even have lights.

Didn't get to shot the head of the car > < 
That's for bear-making I think. There's one site in this cafe with design like a bar. I means chairs with almost same height with the tables. Too bad I didn't get to take a photo of that. Try your imagination ya. : P
Credit to sister Evonne. These flowers look real! But I don't know is that real or fake. : /
Lil cute tissue box with lil mirror. 
Fish inside the waterfall-like pond just right beside me. Love the blue light so much!
Lil sis date with her phone non stop. 
Beloved mom!
Baby Lina. Lil sis.
Photo blurred. 
Peace ya! (^.^)Y

Selca : P
Mom's dinner. Turmeric meat if not mistaken.
Mom's comment : tasty!
The side view.
Sis Evonne's dinner. The food(I mean the chicken meat)is in big portion!
Close up look! I think it's half of the whole chicken.
Sis's comment : thumb up!
It's time posing with the food! Typical teenagers to-do-list before start eating their food. : P
Show her love. LOL

Lil sis and I ordered the same food. Fish N Chip. Yummy yummy!

My time! : P
Nom nom nom...
Our drinks. 

THE CAR TOAST. 招牌式土司. Extra order by me. Four of us share this food together. Four slices of garlic breads with mushroom soap at the centre. Super yummy and it's creative cute!
Apparently I haven't finish my food. The true is I just posing with the toast and then I continue finish the fish chip. : P
Honey Lemon. 
Blurred. But I want to post it since this is the only photo I posing with the car. 
Different people have different taste on food. Personally think that The Car's Cafe provide a good service and tasty food.

The Car's Cafe & Grill House 
No.72, Taman Medan Sejahtera, 
32000 Sitiawan, Perak

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pizza as meal

Have pizza as my meal today at Pizza Hut. I have a very late lunch today and it can be consider as a tea time. I planned to have it as lunch but something just happened out of sudden. My sister's bf's brother-in-law back from outside so they invited my sis and her bf to have lunch together. My plan supposed to postponed to next time. I'm kinda disappointed. I kept silent after that. But kind sister said she and her bf will back right after lunch with them and go have pizza together with us. This made me happy though. Win-win situation. Peace yea (^.^)Y. Oh yeah, before I forgot, I got 2 free pizza hut voucher because I joined The Star NIE & Pizza Hut Mag Inc Contest. Joined this contest for few years. But I never win the grand prize before. There's too many great competitor around Malaysia. Anyway, congratulation to our school team C.O.D.Y which's the runner-up for video-clip category. Proud of them! 

                                                                     Watch this video!
Me ordered Chocolate Volcano. Luxurious chocolate cake with toasted almond flakes and drizzled chocolate sauce.
Yum yum! It's still warm when eating the cake.
Didn't get to try Cheesy 7 out. Everyone already have their meal before it except me and my lil sis.  They didn't postponed the plan just not to make me disappointed. Thanks to them. I know I'm capricious. : /
Triple Pleasure ordered by lil sis.
Look like volcanic eruptions.
Elder sis and I. I look muscular. > <
Poor phone's front camera. Ignore my messy hair. Wind blowing that time.
Didn't get to take photo with mum. She dislike take photos. We heading to Tesco for grocery shopping after meal. Saw neon green and pink sneakers that really attract my eyes. But, I didn't buy it. I will grab it back in case I regret. Last but not least, sorry for the bad quality of these photos, didn't bring my GF3 out today. 

Monday, 8 October 2012

Let's the photos do the talk

Kinda love shooting scenery and nature recently. Feeling happy when review the photos I took. Even though these are not the best yet I'll still trying on to shoot the better one. I love photography and you can see me holding my baby GF3 whenever I have outing and travel. Some of the photos I take using my phone, that's why some of the pictures are in bad quality.

Pictures of moments speak more than thousand words. 
Pictures helps to recall the moments when our memory of moments lose due to ages.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Beach time!

On the day of  Mid-Autumn Festival, I heading to seaside together with sisters and sister's bf. All of us have been long time didn't set foot on this beach, Teluk Batik. Kinda miss this beach! I still remember the last time I went here was one year ago that I took part in a camp which located at this beach.


A lot of people since it's Sunday. A non-working day for most of the people.

This made me recall back my childhood moments. 

The couple. 

Am not sure is that a hostel. But I think is's great place of living. Amazing view can be seen.



Walking along the beach side. It's another side of beach.

I used to catch fish and crab over here when I was young.

Banana boat is waiting for people.

We are considering to ride in that boat.

It cost 5 bucks per person each ride.

Cute little girl.

Amazing view.

Me holding camera at the time we arrived beach and the camera showing no battery before we almost going back home.

So, we decided to get a ride. 

He promised us that we won't get wet. 

lil sis.

Me with small eye and round face. I feeling dizzy when I starting to sit on the seat of the boat due to the sea wave but after that it's amazing to get a ride around the island!

Elder sis and me.

Me and lil sis.

Get ready!

Seawave. Cool ride!

Messy hair. 

At the centre of the sea.



Floating on the sea.
Photo taken using phone. Goodbye to beach.