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Wednesday, 27 April 2011



26号终于到了,我叫你安排练车时间,不是叫你骂人?!你还敢骂我拖延时间?!是你在拖延时间hor ?




Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Taiping Sentral 19042011

                      Took some pic before went to Taiping Sentral
Looked so tired

                                                           My sis and I

                                  On the way to Taiping Sentral

We took about two and the half  hours to reach there. I havent go Taiping Sentral before and I thought of the shopping centre is big. Actually it is not.

                           Took it in the Des 21's fitting room

We found the stall which sell the fruits mixed with chocolate. You can choose the fruits that you want like apple and strawberry.

                                                                Chocolate Fountain

                                                                    RM2.00  per string

                                                                   Marshmallow RM4.80

All of them went to A&W to have their meal while my eldest sister and I went to Sushi King. After finished our sushi we went back to the shop and have our burger set again. Omg, I'm totally full. My stomach was so heavy, I feel hard to walk.   


                                                                   Back to A&W.

                                                                 Picture a bit blur

                                                                         My mum

                                                   My youngest sis and her friend, Ce Linn

                                                                        My cousin

                                                   On the way back to home

My lil sis and I


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My 24hours

We have 24 hours per day and I used half of it for sleeping. Almost everyday I slept till afternoon just wake up and sometime I still feel lazy to wake up. People said that breakfast is important for us. But I skipped my breakfast and straight away have my lunch. After that, if I dont have any program on the day. I will sit in front of the computer to online and watch pps until midnight. I just stay away from my computer for just a short while. May be because of that, I became blunt and talk less. Somehow, I don't know how to communicate with people and when people asked me some question, I feel lazy to answer them.(I will answer them just if I want to). There is something that prohibit me from talking.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


These few days evening, i would like to go to my house's balcony. Although there is nothing special with my house's balcony. There is just a table and two benches.

Today, I sat on the bench and thinking nothing. After that I took some photos of myself. HaHa.

                                              Peace =)

                                Wore my new bought Pink Panther T-shirt <3

                                                    Look fierce ?

                                                    Look stupid.

                                                    Bookworm ?


When taking photo, there is a lightning and the day is windy. Perhaps, tonight will rain cats and dogs. = ) Yeah~ I like raining day. : )

Friday, 1 April 2011

Fooling day = )

It is the first day of April . People start to fool people in the midnight . My friend, Shivani is the first people who start to fool me. Haha , I'm not successful fool by her . The second people who fool me is my best friend , Kar Wey . We chat via fb chat box . She said she got a male classmate who is a good person, want introduce for me . I said I'm not rushing searchig for bf  but can make a friend . Then I asked her who is that ? Until you said he is good . After that she replied me that Happy April Fool . Lol . Im cheated by her. Another thing is I told her that I watched a Hong Kong drama , Only You until 2.30 morning and the episode I watched that time is so touching and my tears flow out . Sot ready, cried in the midnight . She thought of I'm cheating her . Lol . It is real . = : )

Have a nice day and Happy April Fool  = D