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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Awkward moments faced

I decided to share with you all the awkward moments that I faced in my life. 

1.The awkward moment when I remembered something funny and I started laughing like a crazy and everyone stared at me wondering why am I laughing. I did it quite many times especially during teacher is teaching in front. I could not control myself not to laugh. Sometime I could influence my best friend who sit beside me and actually don't really know why am I laughing to laugh together with me.

2.The awkward moment when I say hi or wave to someone but they didn't. I do like to do it when I meet people or friends in anywhere. Somehow they didn't wave back to me. Another awkward moment is when I say hi or wave to someone, they didn't realise. I actually feel awkward but I act like nothing happen. Lol.

3.The awkward moment when I forgot that my phone alarm clock ringtone is mine. Usually I use my phone as my alarm clock and I always unable to wake myself up to switch off the alarm. There is one time that I forgot that's my phone alarm's ringtone and I told my sister that it's not mine when she asked my to switch off. She did scold me back that's my phone alarm ringtone. 

4.The awkward moment when I don't know how to answer the question given by teacher on the white board. I do like to sleep or talk with my friends in the class when teacher is teaching in front especially maths period. Teacher do like to ask me to answer the questions given by her. As I didn't listen to teacher, I don't know how to solve the question. At the end, I scolded by my teacher.

5.The awkward moment when thing that I'm finding is just on my hand. I faced this incident on last month. I was in the bank that time. After finish the procedure of changing my identity card number in account booklet due to wrong printing of the number, I'm still standing at the counter of the bank waiting for my identity card. I thought of the bank officer need my for other purpose. The officer told me that the procedure have done and I told her that I'm still waiting for my identity card. She said she already give me back. After searching, I found that the identity card was on my hand. I quickly walk out from the bank after apologise to the officer. 

6.The awkward moment when in the train or monorail, I almost fall when the train or monorail started moving due to inertia. I faced this moment on the last trip to KL. I did laugh at myself that I did such stupid thing while others not. One of the passenger did laugh at me though.  

7.The awkward moment when I ask stupid question. I faced this incident for quite many time. I did asked my sister about things that I would like to know and she answered me. I asked the same question to her after a minute. She replied me how many times she need to tell me. I was like oh yea! I did asked her but why I ask her again. How stupid am I?!

8.The awkward moment when I want to say something with someone and I forgot what I want to said. Especially in the condition that someone is talking to them. So, I have to wait till they finish their talk. The person that I want to talk will just laugh at me and say I'm forgetful. *sigh*

9.The awkward moment when I said I have something (like coins and books) but after searching I don't have it or I couldn't find it. Last time, I followed my sister and her boyfriend to go for a shop to buy birthday party things. After I made my payment, I got a 10cents as the change. In the second payment, sister need 10cents for the payment. She asked me whether I have 10cents or not. I nodded. After searching, I couldn't find it. In that time I still remember I out into my pocket just I don't know which site pocket I put into.

Here is few of awkward moment that I faced in my life. I still have others awkward moments like I enter the wrong class or room, went to a wrong monorail station, very sure with the answer I given for a question but at the end I got it wrong. Would you like to share yours with me? 


  1. hahahaha
    thing that I'm finding is just on my hand - love this moment ahahah ♥

  2. I totally agree with all these awkward moments. I've also experienced them myself. I also would like to add some and post them in my blog soon. Haha! :-)

    Much love from Mystic Nymph.

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  4. Hehe..loved these!! We all have moments like these, I definitely have had loads!! It makes us human..enjoy them!! xx

  5. Very cool post!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    Linda from

  6. Oh it seems that we all have lifes full of awkward moments and faces :)

    See you cutie!

  7. Hahahaha it was funny to read!
    I like the last picture <3


  9. Great post! I also have such an awkward moments. :)

  10. hahah I can totally relate to so many things on your post!! Especially #1..



    Awkward moments when two girls stop talking during a sleepover because one's asleep ! Or you say "awkward silence" to each other when you run out of things to say.... ugh

    gorgeous tank! omg! lovees!


  12. ahaha lovely post!!
    Like you, I start laughing and can't stop, and say hi to someone and they don't respond.. Ahaha you feel so embarassed those moments!! lol

  13. cool post
    very nice questions :)
    I like your t-shirts colour :) it's green or yellow or green-yellow??? :)

  14. LOVE IT!!

  15. You have such a lovely little blog, miss :)
    Happy I stumbled onto yours!

    Would you like to follow eachother ?


  16. Haha, great awkward moments, i love the one where you laugh and no one knows what youre laughing about

  17. haha i do a lot of that stuff too! :P happy new years! ^-^

  18. Great post loved reading it. kisses mini lemon.

  19. hey peiyinn :D

    Happy New Year ^^ Haha, we are so alike, I always suddenly laugh crazily :P so awkward especially when everyone's quiet :P regarding number 7, I'm like that too :P people always look at me like "you are so annoying" :P but I don't think we're stupid, just cute and sometimes annoying xDD


  20. Hahaha life and awkward moments. #7, #8, #9..story of MY life.

    Hope you had a great New Year's Peiyinn!

    As for the one where you're laughing and no one knows why, YES that is me. Haha


  21. happy new year sweety!

    xx from hong kong :)

  22. You look adorable, and I loved your list. Most of those things have happened to me too.

    Carmen Ri.

  23. Such is life! I have at least one awkward/embarrassing moment each day, haha. I normally just laugh it off. Because what else can you do, right?


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