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Sunday, 5 February 2012

To be stronger

When I'm doing my homework by using the about 10 years + desktop. The desktop is lagging and it can't proceed. The desktop screen showed yellow lines. I was shocked and my mind straight think of I haven't save documents that I typed. I called my elder sister who have better computer skill than me to help me out. But she told me, she can't save the condition. She have to shut down the desktop straight by pushing the shut down button at the desktop CPU. I was so scared of typing so much of words and I cried. I don't know why why my tears flow out that time. I stopped sister from shut down the desktop. After thinking and persuade myself, I shut down the desktop myself. 

The condition I faced is a mere trifle, I have to face more knotty things in anytime of my life. I shouldn't cry because of it. I advise myself so. 


  1. hey lady,
    After a gap i am visiting ur blog, been lately busy,,,
    keep updating and its always nice seeing you!

  2. I love your blog, I will return :)

  3. I went through a lot of problems with my computer too, spilled water on my laptop before and I cried my eyes out because I was in such big trouble for doing that :P I gave you a versatile blog award! :)


  4. Know the feeling :'(
    The day before I had to deliver my paper I closed it without saving, while I just wrote 2 pages. I was crying too when I discovered! Luckily I remembered it very well.

  5. aww that stinks that youre having technical difficulties with your computer :/

  6. Ale świetny blog.! *.* Będę wpadać częśćiej. Ogólnie to fajny wygląd bloga. !♥

    Zapraszam do nas ! ;)

  7. Sorry your having problems with your computer, don't worry, all will be just fdine!! sweet picture!! xx

  8. hope it'll be resolved soon.

    you look beautiful here. :)



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