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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Geometry print shorts

It was Christmas day. Went Ipoh to hunt for clothes together with sisters and sister's bf. Above was my outfit for that day. I have my beanie on. People are attracted by it. Keep on looking at it. Alright, it's okay.
Geometry design is one of the trend now. Always wanted this kind of clothes and finally I found one in cheaper price when I have my shopping days in KL. I wore the basic black sleeveless top. So, basically the geometry design shorts is the main. It's comfy and slightly elastic at the waist.


  1. Wow!! All clothes is amazing.! Love this look!:)

  2. thanks for your lovely comment, i love your style *-*

  3. Heey, you have a lovely blog! Would you like to follow each other? :)

    Happy New Year btw!

    xx BBella

  4. hi blogger!! :) Just happen to pass by your blog!!very nice outfit!!! :) If you want you can take a look on my blog!!I'm a new blogger !!!!! :) We can follow each other!!What do you think??? :) Just let me know your answer -where you follow me- on my blog and then i followed you back!!!

    xoxo stefania :)

  5. amazing purposes! simply in love with those shoes!!!!!!!!
    id really like we could follow each other! i'm just starting on it!
    wish you the best for this 2013!


  6. no wonder if people starring at your beanie, your beanie is too cute!
    love your geometry shorts so much, great color combination
    visit my blog anytime!

  7. Great shorts! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  8. In love with those shorts! Very cute.


  9. Great print shorts xx

  10. aaw
    cute shorts♥♥
    following you back dear :)


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