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Saturday, 22 September 2012

It's time to change

I seldom wear dress or skirt excluded school uniform. Of course I have to wear school uniform in skirt form to school every school day as it's Malaysia school rule. There's even not more than ten pieces of dress and skirts in my wardrobe. Yet sometime when I found beautiful dress or skirts, I will buy it and keep it in my wardrobe without wearing it. Buy it for no reason. : /  Waste money? Hmm.. nope, I will start wearing dress or skirts instead of just wearing pants. Dig out a dress that I really like that bought last year in Sungai Wang, KL.

Ootd: Burgundy dress + knit sleeveless top

Personally love this photo : P

Close up ootd.  Hmm...slightly look dull as no accessories. I seldom buy accessory and I'm lazy to wear. : /

Bag I bought few weeks ago. Love it to the max! 

Selca. :P


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