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Friday, 28 September 2012

Memory in the brain

Last Monday was a school day but almost all sixth form students absent from school and we all headed down to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. We visited the Lake Garden and buildings Parliament of Malaysia. After that we have our shopping time at Sunway Pyramid. We were actually late arrived at the Lake Garden due to traffic jam. We just have around 1 hour to walk around the garden. Not much time to walk around the whole garden. But it's fun that to have some chit chat together with'em. After half an hour, we have to put on our school uniform as our next stop is buildings of Parliament of Malaysia. We are not allowed to bring our camera and phone into the buildings. So, no photos for this part of trip.
Love this so much!

Used self-timer to take this photo. 
Get to take a photo of one of signs board in the garden. 
Edited using Picmonkey. Personally love this so much!
Peaceful surrounding.

Wooden immovable-bridge.

 I have been long time didn't swing.

I look slightly taller at this angle.

There's some exercise equipment.
Photo using phone's front camera, sorry for the bad quality. 
Truly love this shop!

Outfit of the day. 

I just bought a dress and two bottles of Elianto's nail polish. I don't have pretty much time to have a shop. Am a person who afraid of cold and I never think of bring my sweater. How stupid am I! So, I have to suffer from cold once I enter the air-conditioned bus.


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