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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Beach time!

On the day of  Mid-Autumn Festival, I heading to seaside together with sisters and sister's bf. All of us have been long time didn't set foot on this beach, Teluk Batik. Kinda miss this beach! I still remember the last time I went here was one year ago that I took part in a camp which located at this beach.


A lot of people since it's Sunday. A non-working day for most of the people.

This made me recall back my childhood moments. 

The couple. 

Am not sure is that a hostel. But I think is's great place of living. Amazing view can be seen.



Walking along the beach side. It's another side of beach.

I used to catch fish and crab over here when I was young.

Banana boat is waiting for people.

We are considering to ride in that boat.

It cost 5 bucks per person each ride.

Cute little girl.

Amazing view.

Me holding camera at the time we arrived beach and the camera showing no battery before we almost going back home.

So, we decided to get a ride. 

He promised us that we won't get wet. 

lil sis.

Me with small eye and round face. I feeling dizzy when I starting to sit on the seat of the boat due to the sea wave but after that it's amazing to get a ride around the island!

Elder sis and me.

Me and lil sis.

Get ready!

Seawave. Cool ride!

Messy hair. 

At the centre of the sea.



Floating on the sea.
Photo taken using phone. Goodbye to beach.


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