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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pizza as meal

Have pizza as my meal today at Pizza Hut. I have a very late lunch today and it can be consider as a tea time. I planned to have it as lunch but something just happened out of sudden. My sister's bf's brother-in-law back from outside so they invited my sis and her bf to have lunch together. My plan supposed to postponed to next time. I'm kinda disappointed. I kept silent after that. But kind sister said she and her bf will back right after lunch with them and go have pizza together with us. This made me happy though. Win-win situation. Peace yea (^.^)Y. Oh yeah, before I forgot, I got 2 free pizza hut voucher because I joined The Star NIE & Pizza Hut Mag Inc Contest. Joined this contest for few years. But I never win the grand prize before. There's too many great competitor around Malaysia. Anyway, congratulation to our school team C.O.D.Y which's the runner-up for video-clip category. Proud of them! 

                                                                     Watch this video!
Me ordered Chocolate Volcano. Luxurious chocolate cake with toasted almond flakes and drizzled chocolate sauce.
Yum yum! It's still warm when eating the cake.
Didn't get to try Cheesy 7 out. Everyone already have their meal before it except me and my lil sis.  They didn't postponed the plan just not to make me disappointed. Thanks to them. I know I'm capricious. : /
Triple Pleasure ordered by lil sis.
Look like volcanic eruptions.
Elder sis and I. I look muscular. > <
Poor phone's front camera. Ignore my messy hair. Wind blowing that time.
Didn't get to take photo with mum. She dislike take photos. We heading to Tesco for grocery shopping after meal. Saw neon green and pink sneakers that really attract my eyes. But, I didn't buy it. I will grab it back in case I regret. Last but not least, sorry for the bad quality of these photos, didn't bring my GF3 out today. 


  1. Look yummy meal!

  2. you're adorable! I remember reading your blog a year ago, and wow it's changed. Great photos! The ice cream looks soo yummy :)


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