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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Johnny's Restaurants

Finally I get to try something new! I have been long time didn't out for lunch or dinner outside together with family on Saturday after started my working life. So, last Saturday I changed my dinner time with my colleague to have dinner together with my family. Luckily she willing to change with me. My dinner time supposed at 1730 and I switched to 1830 as 1730 is too early for my family to have dinner. They need to have supper if they have their dinner so early. Usually we don't have our supper but sometime my sisters do.
That day we have our dinner at Johnny's Restaurants. May be you would think that we have steamboat there but no. We didn't have steamboat there. We gotta try to have steamboat there one day! So, that day we ordered Thai rice for our dinner. 
Lil sis, Baby Lina
Yours truly 
Sis Evonne
With mom. Dad didn't follow us to have dinner here as he's still working and he seldom follow us : /

Drinks we ordered. Passion Fruit Juice and Lemon Lime Juice. I forgot to take picture for my mom's drink. Mom ordered Chocolate Milk Shake and it taste good! Wanna try out their Yam Milk Shake next time.
Teriyaki Chicken Rice that mom ordered.
Prawn Fried Rice that me and baby Lina ordered. While sis Evonne didn't order any as she having stomachache that time.
I feel frustrated with my side hair. It never grow longer!


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