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Friday, 15 March 2013

Review: El wardrobe

I decided to show you this store, El wardrobe on Facebook.
This store has exactly the concept: affordable and clothes in trends! This two concept attracted me to continue purchase items from the online shop. El wardrobe's items are always in great demand! Once the owner upload the items, those items have been grab by the customer. So, be fast!
El wardrobe sells ready stock's clothes and accessories. If you are interested in seeing more from the store click here to see more and stay tuned for their next batch's items.
Here's few items I bought from El wardrobe.

Top from El wardrobe X Leather Shorts from

Camouflage top from El wardrobe X Leather Shorts from

Floral Printed Jumper from El wardrobe X Fake Denim Top from random store.

More review coming soon. Stay tuned! <3

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  1. i love the first picture! the top is amazing :D



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