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Monday, 15 April 2013

Dim Sum of The Day

Went dim sum hunting yesterday together with sisters and elder's sis's boyfie. The main purpose is not food hunting, but clothes hunting especially my long pants. It's so difficult to buy long pants for myself. That's one of the reason I don't like long pants. Since we are going to Ipoh, the day before going to Ipoh, we planned to have breakfast at Ipoh and we searched for the famous restaurant. So, Foh San Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant is our aim. We didn't know the way to the restaurant, phone's GPS played the role. 
When we reached there, we couldn't find a near by parking place. There's an old man helped us to search for a parking place and we have to pay for his work. Anyway, thankful for the uncle.
There's huge crowds of people and we have to wait for others to complete their meals. Luckily, we just wait for about five minutes and we are served.
Baby Lina.
Love the surrounding of Foh San. Feel so relax after days of working.
Layer Lotus Pau with Salted Egg Yolk 蛋黄莲蓉
Yours truly
Egg Tart 脆皮焗蛋挞
Fried Yam Roll 鬆化炸芋卷

From the left : Prawn Dumpling 富山虾饺王,    Steam Siew Mai with dried scallop 干贝烧卖王,Steamed Bean Curd Roll 腐皮鲜竹卷
Phoenix Dumpling 烧鸭凤眼饺

Sister Evonne and her boyfie.
Shanghai Xiao long bao 上海小笼包
Fried Prawn Roll 腐皮炸蝦卷
Lychee Longan Tang Shui荔枝龙眼露. Feel like having another bowl of this tang shui now!
Lychee Longan Tang Shui 荔枝龙眼露
With Rilin.
Group photo 1.
Group photo 2.
Thank you for the payer. 
Totally in love with dim sum now! And I'm missing Foh San's dim sum and dessert!

Was planning to take away their egg tarts back to hometown. But we didn't as we afraid of the egg tarts will spoil after basking in the sun. 
Outfit of the day.
Wings Choker from
Basic Black from Sungai Wang
Denim Jacket
Camouflage Skirt from DressMeUp Fashion
Studded Shoes from TopTown

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