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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Baby Lina's Birthday

25th of November is my parent anniversary and my lil sis's birthday. As usual, dad didn't join our dinner as he's working. So, we have our birthday dinner at The Car's Cafe & Grill House. We are here for the second time except for my cousin and elder's sis's bf. The friendly service and good food always an attraction.
Anyone who grasping head where to have a party. The Car's Cafe & Grill House would be a great place to have your party!
This's so cute! The proprietress lend this cute toy to my lil cousin for fun.
Lil cousin.
With the cute pinky toy. It's a cat.
Selca. : )
We ordered healthy yogurt drink. The Yogurt Green Apple& The Yogurt Passion Fruit. Truly love the drinks! 
A photo with my drinks. Credit to the birthday girl, baby Lina.
Ordered the wrong food. We supposed to order Fun Fries, perhaps my elder sis written the wrong code of the food.
Golden rice.
Golden Rice for my elder sis, Evonne and her bf.
I ordered this. Chicken French Toast. It taste so good. 
The inner part of the toast.
The Car's Toast order by baby Lina.
Lovely mom having her Fish N Chip.
Elder sis, Evonne with her bf.
Sweet photo of them.
Yours truly.
Taste so yummy! I can taste egg+milk+chicken ham+syrup.
A pose.
After that, we went back home for baby Lina's birthday celebration.
Birthday cake from The Baker's Hut. Always love to buy cakes and bread from this bakery. A lot of choices!
We bought Cho Yam Moose.
Blueberry Cheese Tarts from the bakery.
Elder sis with her sleepy eyes.

Those candles are magic candles. The candles relighting after you blow out the lighting candles. 

Making a wish.
Try to blow out the candles. But hardly!
His turn to try.
Relighting candles. 
Me and lil sis.
Elder sis+sis's bf+lil cousin+lil sis
Mom and lil sis. Too bad dad refused to take photos with us. 
Her birthday present. 
Aww lovely!
Eating his cake.
It's crazy photos time!

Simple drawing for sis.

Once again. Happy Birthday to you, baby Lina.

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  1. happy bday to your little sis! the food looks delicious, especially the cake :)


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