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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

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Last Sunday, it supposed to be my staying-at-home day. Sis and her boyfie asked us whether want to join them to mangrove park. So, I didn't reject or accept(means it's okay for me to not to go and to go). Since baby Lina wanted to join, I accompanied her.(in case she will be the third wheel haha). I left aside my reference books and then picked out my baby GF3 to heading to the park. Four of us have been long time didn't set foot at this park. There's a lot of monkey. I was afraid of those monkey will snatch away my camera.(sound scary right?) But as long as you didn't frighten them they won't attack people. 
The mangrove park is under renovation. People actually are not allowed to enter the park. Since, there's people enter there, we followed.
Along the way. 
Sister Evonne.
Only 5 persons are allowed on hanging bridge. But I saw there's more than 5 persons on the bridge. Some more, there's people swaying the bridge. (Apparently I'm quite timid lol)
Baby Lina.
Couple of the day.
Yours truly.

First time on hanging bridge when I grow up. HaHa. I remember when I was young my dad used to bring me and my sisters to playground. There's only one playground with hanging bridge. I'm not sure is the hanging bridge still there or not. Perhaps it spoiled.
Yours truly.

Me and Baby Lina.
Baby Lina's smile.
Photographer for this couple. 
Monkeys on the road! There's still many monkeys. This's just part of them. 
There's many scenes about monkeys we saw that day. Here I listed five of the scenes.
(i) A monkey snatch away a package of ice cream cone from an ice cream seller. When the seller wanted to get back from the monkey and the monkey hold the package of ice cream cone in between it's armpit .
(ii) The monkey then ran away to the tree and give the cones to the other's monkey.
(iii) Monkey fighting on the tree. It's kinda scary that to see it.
(iv) Monkey eating ice cream on the lamppost. That monkey placed it's hand on the ice cream. It's like testing the temperature. Will it wonder why this food so cold? HAHA. I wonder too.
(v) Monkey climbed up to the lamppost and vandalized the lamppost. No wonder there's many spoiled lamppost. Omg monkey-vandalisme.


  1. WOW these pics are really awesome! ♥

  2. Pei Yinn, may I know what camera are you using for these photos?

    1. Hello anonymous, thanks for your comment.
      I'm using Panasonic Lumix GF3. :)

  3. lovely monkeys <3

  4. Sounds really like an amazing time!
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  5. Thank you for visiting my blog,I really like your posts, I decided to watch you, kisses


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