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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Review: Annabel Boutique

Is there any girl don't like online shopping? I bet there's. May be because they afraid of the quality of the clothes and accessories they bought is bad. I'm afraid of it too. But I personally prefer online shopping website that have ready stocks, so that I don't need to wait for stocks I ordered to arrived. I feel impatient to wait my stock to arrive.(perhaps only me feel impatient, I'm weirdo). But what to do? There's a lot of beautiful clothes and accessories to buy online.
So, I received parcels from Annabel boutique weeks ago. I transferred the money the day before I receive the parcel. I thought I will receive the parcel on the next two days. Who knows that I received on the next day. Apparently they have high efficiency! I was so excited when I received it.I bought two top from the boutique with reasonable price. Both of the top is so comfy to wear! There's new arrival. Grab yours before it's out of stock! : ) Here's their Facebook page.

There's still many design but many of the design I want is out of stock. Hot selling

The label.
Here's some photo with the top on. Love to the max! My mom and sis said that this top made me look thinner.

Match it with a denim outer wear.

Shorts from  flea market
Outer wear from Sungai Wang


  1. Reallz nice pics. Have a great day.

  2. nice simple look ! love the top

  3. You look wonderful and that Tee is so cute.

    xoxo Ra

  4. hello dear
    love your look and blog
    thank for your lovely comment
    and for following
    just followed you no182


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