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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

20 Years Old I Am

Didn't blog for two weeks. Pardon me. 

Let me update you about my recent life. I will update backwardly. Let get started from yesterday!
Yesterday was my 20th birthday and it falls on Monday this year. But Monday is not blue. Received wishes and angpao from family and friends. And then gather with a brunch of friends at night. Birthday celebration was held at Foos Steak House. It's my very first time to dine in this restaurant. Love the service and the surrounding once I step into it. It's the best restaurant with best service in the town! The boss and waiters are so friendly!

I actually requested them to make it as a gathering but it became a birthday celebration? I was a little shocked and touching when I saw the waitress brought the cake out and they sang birthday song to me. Didn't take many pictures yesterday. Just few of these taken using my new phone.

Ordered Chocolate Ice Blended. Taste great! 
Honolulu Pizza. So big in size for me. It don't look big in this picture though.
Was surprising she attending yesterday's night. 
A thousand thanks for the organizers. 
Kiwi birthday cake. 
There's three group pictures taken by the waiter but this is the clearest one.
End this post by this? Yesterday was great!
Another happy moment in my life and have been recorded here. XOXO

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