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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Daddy's Day

My dearest parent.
Both of them have been long time didn't take photo together.
Both of them have the similarity that they don't like to take photos.
Present for Father's Day.

Daddy, the breadwinner for my family.
Daddy, who willing to sacrifice his own comfort for us.
Daily he toils to provide the necessities of our life.
Never complaining ever concerned.
For the well-being of our family.
This love for us this desire.
To see us well and happy.

I rarely talk with my dad and I seldom tell my problems to him. Mostly, I will told my problems to my mom and mom is the one who pass the message to my dad. Daddy rarely join us in our outing or out for meals together. That's why there's so less photos with daddy in. When my sisters and I were young, daddy used to bring the whole family out for a walk during every Sunday. Now, he no longer. All of his daughters have grow up and know driving. But we hope we can drive him and mom for a walk every Sunday just like last time. I miss the time! So, on my birthday, I made one of the wishes that one day five of us(the whole family) can travel oversea together. Looking forward to the day!

Daddy, we all love you! <3

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