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Monday, 3 June 2013

Back to Beach

Sorry for not update for more than one week. Got caught by lazy bug. There's many pending post.  Definitely very outdated posts. But, this post is not a very outdated post and it's pictures overload post. It happened two days ago. Saturday was public holiday for all the Malaysian. So, I'm back to the nature. Away from the stacks of documents that I have to complete.
Guess where I went? Scroll down and you will know.

Here I am! Back to Teluk Batik beach after so long time. Since it was public holiday. There's crowded with people having fun swimming, banana boat and so on. While, I'm fun taking photos.
Went riding boat again. This time is much more fun than last time due to high tide. More water spreading.

Le two sisters.

New fun at there. Only for children but it totally attract me. I feel like playing these.

Me and le sister's bf.
Sweet moment of two of them before taking picture with them. Unready yet.

Looking cool enough? 
Back view of mine. Mad love! Thanks baby Lina.

With baby Lina. Hey baby, your photography skill is improving!
Requested them to make a pose by turning their head. Failed for the first time due to laughing. Lol. This is outcome for the second time.
Last picture before heading to island. Just ignore my messy fringe.
Here we went at the next.
Strong wind made her hair so.
Stay calm and walk on.
Walk like a boss.
Haven't fully recover from cough and flu and I was sitting there waiting for my Kiwi blended Pearl Milk Tea. 
Belongs to elder sister.
So, here's my Kiwi Blended Pearl Milk Tea. I'm kinda disappointed with the outcome. It doesn't taste good as I think. I actually wanted to order their Marina QQ Snow Ice. It's far more tasty than this. But due to their machine break out I changed my order. 

This sausage taste good though.
Ending this post with this photo, kay? Thanks for reading, XOXO

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