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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Daddy's Day

My dearest parent.
Both of them have been long time didn't take photo together.
Both of them have the similarity that they don't like to take photos.
Present for Father's Day.

Daddy, the breadwinner for my family.
Daddy, who willing to sacrifice his own comfort for us.
Daily he toils to provide the necessities of our life.
Never complaining ever concerned.
For the well-being of our family.
This love for us this desire.
To see us well and happy.

I rarely talk with my dad and I seldom tell my problems to him. Mostly, I will told my problems to my mom and mom is the one who pass the message to my dad. Daddy rarely join us in our outing or out for meals together. That's why there's so less photos with daddy in. When my sisters and I were young, daddy used to bring the whole family out for a walk during every Sunday. Now, he no longer. All of his daughters have grow up and know driving. But we hope we can drive him and mom for a walk every Sunday just like last time. I miss the time! So, on my birthday, I made one of the wishes that one day five of us(the whole family) can travel oversea together. Looking forward to the day!

Daddy, we all love you! <3

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Throwback the another first day of the new week, Sunday. Went hunting for another dim sum restaurant in Ipoh together with family. This time we chose Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum Sdn Bhd. which located opposite Fuh San Dim Sum. It's a very Hong Kong style restaurant. You can see the crowd once you step into the restaurant and there's people standing by the side of the table waiting for other's to finish their meal. So, we did the same thing in order to get a sit. Starving! We waited there for about 15 minutes and finally our turn. We share table with another family which I think it's really uncomfortable. I feel awkward to take photos as I'm worry of what they will think about me. But, YOLO. I take not less photos though.

Here you go the pictures of the food! Don't starve, you can't handle it. : P
From the left, Deep Fried Bean Curd With Prawns, Steamed Pork Dumplings, Pork Rolled In Bean Curd Sheets
Mochi. I prefer the one selling at the morning market in my hometown.

Prawn Dumplings

Black Sesame Dessert
Steamed Rice Noodle Rolls

Char Siew Pau

Deep Fried Fish Balls

Century Egg and Pork Porridge 
This small.

Actually we went to a lot of place just in one day.
Ming Court Dim Sum --- Nan Fang Bing Jia --- Aeon Station 18 --- D' Mall Seri Iskandar --- Tesco Seri Iskandar --- McDonald's
D' Mall is actually a new shopping mall with Billion Supermarket and other's shops in it. It's new and not many shops open in it. So, we only use not more than 10 minutes to walk throughout the mall.
We thought there's cafe in Tesco to settle our meal-lunch. But there's no cafe. About 5 minutes for the whole walk.
Finally, we settle our lunch at McDonald's. A very late lunch of the day.
Bought some egg tarts for home. But personally don't really it. It don't taste good as I think.
Everyone have their own taste bud. You may think it taste good.
Four of us. Me, Baby Lina, Sis Evonne and Rilin
Was trying on new long jeans. Love it. But it's either too tight for the butt or too loose for the leg. 
Bumped into them in Aeon! It's our first photo. 
Chatime! Loving the Horlick Cocoa.
Mochi. Miss this! I couldn't find it in my hometown.
While waiting for my lunch. Playing the fool.

Satay selling by the road side, it's so tasty that there's so many people queuing up.

Used two and the half hours to complete this post. 
Erm...low efficient.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

20 Years Old I Am

Didn't blog for two weeks. Pardon me. 

Let me update you about my recent life. I will update backwardly. Let get started from yesterday!
Yesterday was my 20th birthday and it falls on Monday this year. But Monday is not blue. Received wishes and angpao from family and friends. And then gather with a brunch of friends at night. Birthday celebration was held at Foos Steak House. It's my very first time to dine in this restaurant. Love the service and the surrounding once I step into it. It's the best restaurant with best service in the town! The boss and waiters are so friendly!

I actually requested them to make it as a gathering but it became a birthday celebration? I was a little shocked and touching when I saw the waitress brought the cake out and they sang birthday song to me. Didn't take many pictures yesterday. Just few of these taken using my new phone.

Ordered Chocolate Ice Blended. Taste great! 
Honolulu Pizza. So big in size for me. It don't look big in this picture though.
Was surprising she attending yesterday's night. 
A thousand thanks for the organizers. 
Kiwi birthday cake. 
There's three group pictures taken by the waiter but this is the clearest one.
End this post by this? Yesterday was great!
Another happy moment in my life and have been recorded here. XOXO

Monday, 3 June 2013

Back to Beach

Sorry for not update for more than one week. Got caught by lazy bug. There's many pending post.  Definitely very outdated posts. But, this post is not a very outdated post and it's pictures overload post. It happened two days ago. Saturday was public holiday for all the Malaysian. So, I'm back to the nature. Away from the stacks of documents that I have to complete.
Guess where I went? Scroll down and you will know.

Here I am! Back to Teluk Batik beach after so long time. Since it was public holiday. There's crowded with people having fun swimming, banana boat and so on. While, I'm fun taking photos.
Went riding boat again. This time is much more fun than last time due to high tide. More water spreading.

Le two sisters.

New fun at there. Only for children but it totally attract me. I feel like playing these.

Me and le sister's bf.
Sweet moment of two of them before taking picture with them. Unready yet.

Looking cool enough? 
Back view of mine. Mad love! Thanks baby Lina.

With baby Lina. Hey baby, your photography skill is improving!
Requested them to make a pose by turning their head. Failed for the first time due to laughing. Lol. This is outcome for the second time.
Last picture before heading to island. Just ignore my messy fringe.
Here we went at the next.
Strong wind made her hair so.
Stay calm and walk on.
Walk like a boss.
Haven't fully recover from cough and flu and I was sitting there waiting for my Kiwi blended Pearl Milk Tea. 
Belongs to elder sister.
So, here's my Kiwi Blended Pearl Milk Tea. I'm kinda disappointed with the outcome. It doesn't taste good as I think. I actually wanted to order their Marina QQ Snow Ice. It's far more tasty than this. But due to their machine break out I changed my order. 

This sausage taste good though.
Ending this post with this photo, kay? Thanks for reading, XOXO