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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

28-5 & 29-5

Cousin came back form KL~so, what's the plan?  : )

Last Saturday, my cousin came back from KL. This time is not the same as last time. We used to sit at home and have some chit chat. This time NO. We have a lot of plans. You have a lot of fun right, cousin?
Saturday night, we brought her to Tesco to have a walk. She havent go Tesco, Manjung before I think.( Tesco is not a fun place I know ;) ) . Actually we planned to go for a movie, Pirates of Caribbean 4 but it is almost full house, just remain the 1st row. 

I bought a new pants and and... and Mexico bun as my supper? Im still hungry after having my dinner.

On Sunday, we have our breakfast at Old Town. 

                                                    Me : )
                                                    Lil sis <3

                                                     Me and cousin  <3

                                          Three of us ; )

                                 Tadahh..Cousin from KL and my eldest sis.

 Me and my cousin, Juliana. We always call her nickname, ah girl. She is smaller than me for 1 year.

                         She order Mocha ice-blended if not mistaken.

                                                    Mee curry

                  My eldest sis's friend, Shing Yi and my cousin

                                                 Juliana and eldest sis

After breakfast, we went to Marina Island for a walk and cycling. : )  
Rent bicycle - Half an hour cost RM8.00 for bicycle with 2 seat, RM4.00 for normal bicycle and RM10.00 for bicycle with 3 seat. Cycling bicycle with two seat is quite hard. Nearly fell down when cycling.


                                          Say peace : )

                                          Three of them : )


In the evening, we go for a movie, Pirates of Caribbean 4 - On Stranger Tides. It is a amazing movie. 

 Only me, lil sis and Juliana went to the movie.

Cousin went back on Monday morning. I didnt say goodbye to her and her family because im still sleeping that time. Sorry, I slept till about 11.30. 
Alright, Juliana, try your best in your SPM and good luck : ) .

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