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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Today today today

I should be doing my homeworkssss now.
But I have no mood to do it. Hmm...will force myself to do it after blogging.
Our form 6 lesson started today's morning.
Because of stomach-ache I cant concentrate on what did teacher teaching especially Math.
One thing I can concentrate on was SLEEP.
I just laid on the table and pretend to listen to the teacher.
I keep on nod my head when the teacher looking at me.
Finally I have my sleeping time which is when teacher went out to do her thing.(Actually she asked us to do exercises during that time)
Luckily, the saliva didnt flow out of my mouth.
After Math period, we had P.A(Pengajian Am).
That Malay teacher was asking who is feeling sleepy.
She saw me just woke up from laying and ask me to sweep the dirty floor.(Yea teacher, you guess it right, I really feel sleepy and congratulation that you successfully make me awake) : )
Alright, need to my homeworks now. Bye and goodnight : )

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