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Monday, 30 May 2011

Panasonic-Lumix DMC-GF 2

Lumix DMC-GF2  I like you. Can I have you? =)
It is a
- Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera
- 12.1 mega pixel., High Quality Photos
- Simple Operation with iA Mode
- Smart, Touch-screen Operation
- Compact, Lightweight
- Stunning 1920x1080 Full HD Movies
Wanna know more'bout this camera? You may search it on it's website. Here is the link. ;)

There is 5 available colours : Black, Silver, Red, White, Pink.

You look so attractive, GF2. = )
Among the colours, I like Red colour GF 2 It is not because of I like red colour but it look more special than others colour. :) Do you think so too?

It cost RM2000+ . Dad and mum won't buy for me as I have a camera ready. I need to save my own money to buy it. When I can save so much of money? Hmm..hope to get it in this year. But I think I unable to save so much of money by this year. : (

Here is camera im using now. =)

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