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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Taiping Sentral 19042011

                      Took some pic before went to Taiping Sentral
Looked so tired

                                                           My sis and I

                                  On the way to Taiping Sentral

We took about two and the half  hours to reach there. I havent go Taiping Sentral before and I thought of the shopping centre is big. Actually it is not.

                           Took it in the Des 21's fitting room

We found the stall which sell the fruits mixed with chocolate. You can choose the fruits that you want like apple and strawberry.

                                                                Chocolate Fountain

                                                                    RM2.00  per string

                                                                   Marshmallow RM4.80

All of them went to A&W to have their meal while my eldest sister and I went to Sushi King. After finished our sushi we went back to the shop and have our burger set again. Omg, I'm totally full. My stomach was so heavy, I feel hard to walk.   


                                                                   Back to A&W.

                                                                 Picture a bit blur

                                                                         My mum

                                                   My youngest sis and her friend, Ce Linn

                                                                        My cousin

                                                   On the way back to home

My lil sis and I


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