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Tuesday, 5 April 2011


These few days evening, i would like to go to my house's balcony. Although there is nothing special with my house's balcony. There is just a table and two benches.

Today, I sat on the bench and thinking nothing. After that I took some photos of myself. HaHa.

                                              Peace =)

                                Wore my new bought Pink Panther T-shirt <3

                                                    Look fierce ?

                                                    Look stupid.

                                                    Bookworm ?


When taking photo, there is a lightning and the day is windy. Perhaps, tonight will rain cats and dogs. = ) Yeah~ I like raining day. : )


  1. I love your shirt! you have a pretty blog :P

  2. Thank you~ =)
    Haha.. I enjoy reading your blog.


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