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Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Went outing together with my best friend, Janice and two of the good friends of mine, Shin Yi and Shue Yeu. It have been long time that we didn't gather together and have some chit chat. So, we decided to have a meet up at today's night since last week. I'm great that the gathering didn't cancelled at the last minute as this always happened. There's so many things to update to each other and I think 3 hours of gathering is quite short for us. But at least we met up.
After graduated from pre-u, what I hope is we won't lose contact and the friendship bond between us stay strong as last time even though all of us will separate to any part of the world. I appreciate the friendship between us. I'm looking forward to our next friendship-trip.
I'm regret that we didn't take a group photo during gathering as a memory. There's not many photos of us. So, I'm here uploaded the photos that we taken on graduation ceremony last year.

P.S.  Dear Janice,
Good Luck in your study in Malacca!
Bring me walk around in Malacca next time when I heading down to there
Will miss you as always!

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