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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Stylenanda NY Tee x Peace Sign Legging

Something went wrong with my laptop. It really make me feel fed up with it. WiFi disconnect once I click into my laptop's photo album. WiFi I mean is not my laptop WiFi but WiFi of my house. I don't know why is this happen. My laptop is so pro enough to control the WiFi of my house? Sisters nagging non stop that I keep on making the WiFi disconnecting. I couldn't believe that my laptop caused the WiFi disconnect and I tried to click into my laptop's photo albums few times once the WiFi reconnected. It proved that my laptop caused the WiFi disconnect. But it's fine now by itself and I hope it won't happen again.

So, back to the topic. Here's another outfit post for my outfit on last Saturday which is the day before Mother's Day. Went to have a shop together with mom and lil sis. Love to have a walk together with family after the entire week of working days. Made jelly together with mom after back from shopping and then have our dinner together with grandma and aunts at night as a Mother's Day's celebration dinner.

I get this NY Top from Sisterdream&younique. Bought black and grey. Wanted to buy all three colours which including white but it's sold out! As you seen it's selling fast top. For the material, it surprising me that it's thick! I kinda scared that it's thin material since it's cheaper in price. 
While I get the Peace Sign Legging from I <3 Little Wardrobe. Very soft material of it. Feel comfy when wearing it. Both of it are Facebook online shop, you may search their pages on Facebook. They have shop too at Malacca and Johor respectively.

Bye bye readers! XOXO

NY Top from Sisterdream&younique
Peace Sign Legging from I <3 Little Wardrobe


  1. Nice look :)
    I definitely follow you...would you like to follow each other?

    xoxo Nancy S.

  2. You look cute and edgy, love the NY shirt c: xx

  3. looking really swag here! i realize they are trending this black and white oversized t-shirt! gotta get myself one too!

  4. cool shirt... i like something like that, too!

  5. Love your top!!!



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