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Monday, 20 May 2013

-Two Sides Buns-

Guess what's on my head?
Tadah! It's two sides hair buns. I'm not dare to tie this hairstyle out for a walk as place I'm living isn't fashionable place, people around may think you are weird or acting cute or what. In fashion country like Japan and Korean, it's called fashion. And even my family said that they don't want to walk together with me if I tied this hairstyle out. So, just tied this hairstyle up at home at take photos.

It super duper easy hairstyle. You can try it too. Recalling back to my primary school memory, I used to tie two sides pony tails to school. My two pony tails sweep people face( those who standing behind me )when I turning my head and I get complaint from them.

Nothing much to talk about this post. So, thanks all for reading! Gotta off to sleep. XOXO


  1. Love the simplicity of your images, also great outfit.

    Matthew Arruda Lima

    FB ~
    Blogger ~

  2. you are so cute!! :)
    drop by my blog too pretty?


  3. Cute buns!


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