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Friday, 8 July 2011


Finally!! Finally elder sis cook the spaghetti. It's my dinner tonight. I ate it right after back from tuition and fetching my lil sis.
Not nice to see but nice to eat
Today was the 4th chemistry practical yet I'm still did it badly. I forgot part of the procedure. What the hell. My brain memory card is low in GB. Some of us get scolded by teacher for took the filter paper that is not use in the practical. By the way, it was the first time I saw my teacher being so angry and so fierce. I was shocked. I'm so panic and stress while doing the practical until my hand was a lil bit shaking. Fortunately, I didn't shake away my apparatus. Lol.

Shinyi's pencil case. Look at the centre one. 请勿触摸mean don't touch it. Lol. Chuihoon put the pencil case down right after she saw this. HaHa. 

: D . Lolz

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