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Monday, 11 July 2011


Mum : Finally you talk !
Me : HaHa. Yeah~ Finally.
(I didn't smile,laugh and talk since I woke up from bed till evening. But I did after that.) 

I started feel depressed once I woke up in the bed. I don't really want to smile, laugh and even talk. (I will nod and shake my head to answer some of the questions). I want to talk but spirit don't want to? Don't know why once I feel depressed I will become like that. Do forgive me. Eldest sis said that she not dare to talk with me. Do talk with me even though I didn't say any word. : ). Lol. Am I that frightening once I don't smile, laugh and talk? Just look solemn I think. 
It's all because of the Chemistry assessment 2 on Tuesday yet I'm still haven't finish one of the four chapters. I don't have the mood of study. I have a lot of parts that I don't understand. I can't disturb my friends by keep on asking them about that. They need study too.
Can I finish 86 pages of chemistry within not more 24 hours? (I counted the pages. Lol) I bet I can't. I'm not that pro. I used a lot of time to understand. 

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