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Monday, 4 July 2011

The day before 04072011

Yesterday I ate my dinner before I went for shopping while my elder sis didn't ate her dinner. At the end, my lil sis and I have to accompany her to KFC in Giant to have her dinner while my mum and aunt were shopping.

Sis's dinner.
She ordered Snack Box for us. Omg. Have to eat again.
Eldest sis like Mini Cooper very much. She just collected 2 among 5.
She bought the Mini Cooper with RM8.00.
Lil sis <3
After that, we have a shop in Giant. I bought 3 LD tank top. It is only RM39.00. There is multiple of colours. But I did bought pink, green and orange colour. I'm regret that I didn't buy black and white colours. May be I will buy it later. I gonna scolded by mum for keep on buying clothes.

In the fitting room.
Omg. I eat till fat tummy come out ready. : (  M size of the tank top doesn't fix me.  
I'm Irise user. : )  I'm using the brand's facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer,  facial scrub and the hydrating mask.

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