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Saturday, 30 July 2011

End of July

Yesterday was my friend's birthday today. Yet, she is now studying at Perlis. So, I can't celebrate with her. At the beginning, I planned to make a video for her. But, because of busyness, I don't have enough of time to make the video. After that, my mind pop out with an idea of sing a birthday song for her. I sang the English and Chinese languages for her. I recorded it using phone recorder and then sent to her. She is touched by my surprise. She said she going to cry out. Yes! I succeed! LOL *happy* . She thought of I forgot her birthday.
I have been  > than 2 months didn't meet up with her. I still remember that our last outing was on 20th of May. Miss her so much. T.T Anyway, her holiday is coming soon too. Gotta plan for our outing.

Happy Birthday, Chui San. : )

Singing ? Nope : ) . I'm pattern-ing  : P


  1. you are so sweet!
    happy birthday to your friend!

  2. I've just discovered your blog! I've been looking some of your other posts too...great pics! so sweet. I'm following you, I hope you follow me back... Kisses Alinne


  3. Thanks Margaret :)

    Thanks for your viewing and for your comment. :)

  4. Hi Alinne, Im following you too :)
    Thanks for your comments :D

  5. Lovely blog and great post!!!
    I'm following you! And you? Can you follow each other? :)

  6. This is very nice, like it !

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE!

  7. Yumiko, Thanks ! Okay :)

    Henar, Thanks for your comment :)

  8. Hi sweety! thanks for dropping by my blog!! glad to know you.
    I followed you. i will visit and read more of your posts!! keep blogging sweety!
    hope you can follow me too! *winks*

  9. Welcome Diane :)
    Glad to know you too. Okay. Thanks :D

  10. nice picture dear ! have a nice day and celebrate again soon !

  11. you have a pink panther t-shirt! aha, i love pink panther, it's o cute! xD
    lovely blog, i'm keeping an eye on it :D


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