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Monday, 25 July 2011


I shut down my laptop at about 12.00 midnight to go to bed. I fell down when I'm going upstairs to sleep. fml. I don't know why I fell down. I'm shocked that I fell down suddenly. Yet I'm still laughing while running toward mummy who sit in the living room. LMAO. How come I still can laugh? Now I'm still thinking of whether I had gone mad or what. Both of my sis laughing at me too. Within 2 minutes, wind blow strongly outside and I could hear something patter onto the awning of my house. Oops. It's raining cats and dogs outside. I'm thinking of why rain come suddenly. God crying for I fell down? Lolz.

You can just ignore me if you want to. Simply gone mad recently. LOL


  1. LOL hopefully you didn't hurt yourself to bad falling down :))

  2. HaHa. Yea. I didn't get hurt.
    Thanks for the concern. :)

  3. HaHa.Thanks for the comment. :D


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