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Friday, 22 July 2011

two two/7

I didn't have any tuition and school activity today. Yes! Finally I could go back home earlier today. Yet I reached home at about 1.00. Omg. A small traffic jam in the school. 

Imma rock my coming soon holiday ;)

I went to Tesco together with mum and lil sis. There is a outlet that sell cameras. I asked the seller about the price of Panasonic Lumix-GF2. He said it is about RM 2000. And that camera is gonna stop sale in the market because the Lumix GF3 is in the market now. I don't like GF 3. Anyway, I gonna get it soon. : )
Air Guitar?Lolz

Emo? Nope. : )  
Goodbye~ : E   : D

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  1. I love your blue top :) your pictures are so cute :) wow, RM2000 is alot! xD but i guess that's the normal price of a good camera :)



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