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Thursday, 21 July 2011

twenty-one of July

Mentos Chewy Dragees- 2 in 1  Raspberry and Lemon flavour.
 I brought it to school today and I stealthily ate it while teachers teaching in front. Lolz. To help me stay awake. ; ) Yet, I slept in the class today when teacher not in the class. Don't really know why teacher absent. I'm nicknamed piggy by friends because of sleeping. Yea, I like to sleep. I seize the chances to sleep whenever there is time. Lolz. Sleep more can grow taller. People told me. I wish to grow taller. 162cm is really short for me.

Seem like advertise for Mentos. : X  


  1. dont grow too tall.... your height is just okay :D

  2. mentos :) yeah I think eating candies help people stay awake plus give them lots of energy :P but my parents doesnt like it when I eat too much, bad for teeth and they want to prevent diabetes =="


  3. I'm scaring that I will get diabetes because of eat too much sweet.LOL :D


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