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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Last day of July

I really can't believe that the new month is coming and July is going to the end. Feel like yesterday was just 15th of July. Time pass super fast! Time is sitting on the rocket? Lol. I'm still sitting in front of the computer and non-stop reading and typing. Curious about what I'm reading and typing? I'm reading blogs, typing comments and reading Facebook posts.

Here come some reviews for July :
1. A lot of assessments in this month and my chemistry result is the worst among the others. I need to do to a lot of exercises and revisions to improve it. Wish me luck. :)
2. Pimples keep on pop out on my face. I'm thinking of whether is the facial cleanser and others facial skincare not suitable for me anymore or it is due to the weather changes. The weather is cold when it is raining and the weather is hot when it is sunny. 
3. Planning of buying new camera which is Panasonic Lumix GF-2. I searched the web for more information about the camera. I found some weaknesses of the camera-no image stabilization and low camera's sensors etc. I'm still considering to accept it weaknesses or not to. Anyone do kindly give me suggestion what camera should I buy?
4. Always fall a sleep in the class. I should change! It is such a bad thing for me. My classmates even ask me why am I always sleep in the class. I really don't know. I'm not a sleeping beauty though. Lol. But I think it is because I usually online till midnight or burn midnight oil studying. 

Picture taken on 22.07.2011


  1. Thank you for dropping by and leave a comment at my blog. I love all your photos. You are so funny.

    Anyways, IKEA meatballs is really worth of try. I have a tip for you, try to go early, it's always crowded there.

  2. Thank you very much Puliyinn =)you're so kind
    please stay in touch also on facebook:
    see you soon (:

  3. Thanks for all the comments :)
    I appreciate all of the comments :D

  4. hi dear!! I like your blog,So I'm your follower!! I hope you'll be my follower too!! kiss

  5. Funny picture!!!Happy August honey!

  6. haha thank you;)
    I hope you like my blog.
    watching you.


  7. Welcome. Definitely like your blog.Thanks <3

  8. Peiyinn, your post is so cute. You remind me of ME 20+ years ago. Alright, as I am like a mother to you in terms of age --- for (2), I suggest you go to a doctor. Never skimp on your beauty routine. This is an investment you + your parents simply have to find a way to cover!!!!

    Keep blogging,

  9. Reply you on your blog, Mariel <3

  10. why?
    I don't understand you.

  11. I can't believe it's already August too, this year is flying by! I love your review for July, some of the things sound so similar to me!:)

  12. Tina, sometime I scared that my follower don't return to my blog to view my comment. Sorry Tina, hope you don't mind it.

  13. Thank you for you sweet comment!


  14. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post!! You have a lovely blog. I so enjoyed reading your post. Pls visit me again :)

  15. Cute picture! ^^ Good luck on your studies!! I've got pimples appearing on my forehead ALL the time especially when I'm stressed with studies :P You might wanna try Sebamed, it's like a cleanser and it really works! You can find it in some pharmacies, I live in Malaysia too by the way :)

    I'm a new follower by the way :)
    Hope you check out my blog and follow me too :)


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