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Saturday, 11 June 2011


: )  Blogging time again. Just back form hang out with friends. We went Secret Recipe for our light refreshments. Have come chitchat. Yay~ I'm the one be the driver. They (KW&CK) dare to sit in my car. HaHa. Did you feel scared or worry when sat in my car? I'm a lil bit panic when driving. We supposed to go to Secret Recipe in Marina Island, at the end we changed to the Secret Recipe near Econsave there because I'm not dare to drive too far. I'm still a newborn driver. Lol.  Anyway, we reached home safely. : )

Here is some pic : )
KW. Having her two weeks semester break. So envy because I'm going back to school after tomorrow.
CK. Espresso ordered by him is so small in cup.

After that, we went to the shop around there and then go to Tesco. KW bought a small guitar necklace from the store. Nice one : ) . & & & She bought something that quite fun to play. *What's that* . Hmm, not going to tell. Head will drop to the floor if I tell. HaHa. Just joking. I saw shoes and dress that attracted me but I didn't buy, just bought stationery. I will be scold by mum if buy again. : (  I should ask my mum to buy it as my present. HaHa.

Lolz. Always show my teeth when make silly face.  My incisor is big. I don't like. 



  1. i like the lace part of your top!! :D

    nice banner haha. but kind of overexposed.

  2. Thanks Sydney : )
    Yea. I think so too. But I'm lazy to edit it. :D


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