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Monday, 27 June 2011

Family's love ?

I drive car to school everyday after the 2 weeks holiday over. There is one rule that I need to obey is send a message to mum when I reached school or I late for home. Mum is still not relieve that I drive car to school or anywhere. Today's morning, I didn't send a message to mum because phone credit expired and I didn't bring phone to school. I late for home today because I need to finish my Chemistry practical report and pass out to teacher. Mum keep on waiting for me to come back home. My eldest sis who didn't know I didn't bring phone to school called me and sent a message to me, ask me where I am. They scared of something happened to me. Sorry that I late for home.

That's family's love ? Yup. I think so. : )


  1. Ya , that is family love :D

  2. Yes, it is family love. And take it in a positive way baby.
    You are lucky to have them.. sweet and protective.
    I will definitely do the same with my only child.
    I have a baby already, as you've seen on my last post.
    Mothers love their child so much, somehow they can be misunderstood because of over-protection /too much care.

    I love your Diary.. I can relate!
    Hope you don't mind me giving sorta advice.
    Take care baby! Consider me as your 2nd MOM here in BLOGOSPHERE.

  3. Replied you on your blog :)


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