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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

It's Me

My 14 facts

1. I haven't dyed and straighten my hair before.
2. The last time of make up is when my kindergarten performance. 

3. I'm out of soul sometime.
4. I desirously want to go travel across the country.

5. I don't like pork but I eat pork jerky.
6. I care that my neck is long. Lolz. That's why I don't like to tie up my hair.

7. Phobia of lizards including the lizard's baby. 
8. I don't like salty food.

9. I'm realistic yet at times dreamy personality.
10. I'm active sometime and I'm inactive sometime.

11. I can't be alone at times, yet I can be anti-social. 
12. I'm easily panic person. (panicky)

13. Sometime, I care that people criticize me.
14. I like photography.

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