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Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Hooray ~ It's raining. Hope it won't stop. I don't like sunny day. So, should I have a nap? I'm quite tired. I only slept for 5 and the half hours. It is totally not enough for me. I rushed my schoolworks yesterday till midnight. But I still haven't finished it and a lot of questions left it blank. Today, I went to school non-stop copying my classmates's answers or ask them how to do the questions. They are kind and helpful. Thanks a lot to them. : )
I started to cut down my online time. It is not enough time for me to do my schoolworks and do my revision if I always online. But I still will update my blog. : ) Plan to do my revision or have a discussion at school library (after school) three times per week together with my friend. It is a good idea, right? Can help each other. : )

Have a tuition later, but I'm a bit lazy to go. : X


  1. HaHa. I am and I'm try to change it. : )

  2. When it rains and you are tired the best thing is to take a nap! :D


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